Podcast #5 on Remote Viewing in Three Parts

Here is Podcast #5 on the subject of Remote Viewing which discusses the significance of John Dee and Edward Kelly‚Äôs “Sigil de Ameth” or “Sigil of Truth” which a magical metaphor for the constructs of reality as well as an interlocutor with Deity.

Podcast #5 on Remote Viewing, Part One:

Podcast #5 on Remote Viewing, Part Two:

Podcast #5 on Remote Viewing, Part Three:

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Podcast #4 on Remote Viewing , Part 0

This is the original first part of the Remote Viewing Podcast #4, the second half of which was lost and reconstructed and released as Podcast #4, Parts 1, 2 and 3. If you want to listen sequentially, listen Part 0 first.

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Podcast #4 on Remote Viewing (in four parts)

Here is Podcast #4 on the subject of Remote Viewing which has been broken up into three parts due to length. They are also downloadable (free) on iTunes:

Podcast #4 on Remote Viewing Part 0:

Podcast #4 on Remote Viewing Part 1:

Podcast #4 on Remote Viewing Part 2:

Podcast #4 on Remote Viewing Part 3:

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Peter Moon youTube from 2015 on Bucegi Complex

Here isd a youTube done by Mary Sutherland when I was in Burlington, Wisconsin on Halloween 2010:

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David Anderson Podcast

David Anderson has agreed to do a podcast with me, but it is going to be delayed until he is in an area that will have an adequate facility so that we can do our interview. I will keep you updated. In the meantime, we will continue with podcasts on different subjects.

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Peter Moon Podcast #3 on Remote Viewing

Here is Peter Moon’s Pocast #3 on Remote Viewing:

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Jack Parsons and the Homonculus

There is no question that Jack Parsons was attempting to create a Moonchild when he engaged in the Babalon Working. As a scientist and magician, he was very results oriented. There are many stories and legends that he created either an aborted version of a moon child (a true abomination) or spawned a flock of either magical debris or virtual “moon children”. This would include but not be limited to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory itself, the space program, the CIA and/or NSA, and even the confiscated twin fetus (from Marjorie Cameron’s miscarriage) who grew up to be involved (as per Doulgas Dietrich) with Colonel Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set. This appellation has even been applied to the Church of Scientolog

While these various threads and theories are interesting in themselves, I am not going to argue these points. All I am saying is that Parsons was results oriented and he was seeking to create a Moonchild that would affect the return of the Goddess Babalon and thereby reverse the patriarchal evil that has/had beset Mankind. The purpose of the IX Degree of the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orients once run by Aleister Crowley) was/is to create a Moonchild. For most people and magicians, this is not going to happen; and if it does, it will more than likely be an abomination or a mockery of what might be termed a perfect Moonchild. Probably the most exalted example we have of a Moonchild in recent Earth literature is the biblical Christ. A true Moonchild will be the result of a virgin birth.

In the Bablon Working, Parsons was seeking to complete the fourth and final chapter of Crowley’s The Book of the Law. He was on his own in this matter and not aligned with Crowley.

For those of you who have read The Montauk Book of the Living, you might recall the interpretation of The Book of the Law wherein it was stated and demonstrated that this book was a coded revelation of the relationship between 5 and 6 whereby a hexagram (6) over a pentagram (5) represents the template for the Tree of Life schematic. In such an instance, 5+6 = 11 and the number 11 here represents (as 5+6) a template of the Tree of Life. If you twist this template, it represents a mobius strip or DNA spiral. 11/11 symbolizes DNA or the circumstances by which spirit animates matter.

At the point in this schematic where the upside down pentagram meets the bottom vertex of the hexagram is the sepiroth (a cabalistic term for “sphere”) of Tipareth which represents the Christ in Christian Cabala.

In The Book of the Law, Crowley’s handwritten passage stresses “the key of it all” which refers to “the shape of a beast” (amidst other things), but this shape of a beast clearly refers to the DNA of an animated creature. Crowley also refers to “then this circle squared in its failure is a key also”. The importance of the circle squared can be best understood by appreciating the construction of the Unicursal Hexagram, the symbol for “Thelema” in Aleister Crowley’s system.

If you watch the short youTube below, you can visualize how, first, the unicursal hexagram can be created from a circle..

If you then watch this short youTube, you can visualize how the unicursal hexagram is manifested by touching the center of each side of a square:

What is important here is that in each case the center of the square and the center of the circle both represent Tipareth. It is the circle squared. You can also see that the center of this circle squared is also right between two instances of the Vesica Pisces (the symbol of Christ) in this configuration. This symbolizes Gemini or Twins and there are ancient occult legends of Christ having a twin. By occult tradition, a virgin birth results in twins, often sterile.

Unicursal means that it can be drawn without an interruption of consecutive cursive (written or penned) movements, but the key is that one is connecting the center of six sides of a square (where the square is represented in 3d form on a 2d piece of paper).

To be more specific, the “bottom of the unicursal hexagram” is the center of a “square” or “circle” and touches the vertex of the pentagram and this represents the Christ or Tipareth. The unicursal hexagram was a geometric instrument that Parsons used in the Babalon Working.

To be more specific yet, “the circle squared” represents this center point which corresponds to Tipareth in the Tree of Life schematic.

Per standard biology, any organism is going to manifest its seed through a corresponding DNA schematic. But a magician is putting INTENT into the matter and this creates a different dynamic which spins the evolutionary routlette wheel.

Jack is not the first magician to use this schematic, but he is probably the most famous one, at least in our fairly recent times. HIs desire, however, was not to create a Christ as you might know from the Bible. Rather, it was to create an earlier prototype. In such a scenario, the Christ from the Bible would be a deviation from the original prototype which would have been female as this doctrine is far older than the Christian era. But the Christ of the Bible would be a far more idealized character than the aforementioned abominations referred to. Whether this is Christ in a male format or a divine female, the formula represents the resolution or reconciliation of Mankind.

Jack’s work did not achieve this desired end, but we can also argue that his work is not exactly done, at least to the extent that his INTENT was not accomplished. By studying and learning about these matters, it will facilitate such an eventuality, and this is not going to be accomplished by magicians seeking to emulate Jack Parsons. In their failure is a key, and that is the key referred to above.

Crowley never understood The Book of the Law and this was by his own admission. I would never have been able to appreciate these factors if it were not for my meetings and many conversations with Marjorie Cameron and the mentoring of the recently deceased Chelsea Flor (who passed this pass December and was known as “Madame X” in my books).

The homunculus is not necessarily what Jack Parsons had in mind at all, but Jack’s shadow has either a lot of homunculi or at least a lot of wanna be homunculi. The atom bomb cult is just one.

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Jack Parsons and the magic bottle

For those of you who have read my book Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal, you may recall a series of synchronicities I experienced after visiting Cameron for the second time and then going to the location(s) where part of the Babalon Working rituals took place and where Jack was blown up. I had met a strange Englishman who was old and said he was an RAF pilot. When I asked him about Jack Parsons, he told me about the Parsons Corporation located not too far away and said that they did “aviation implants”. It made no sense. I took many photos, including a picture of a real estate sign on the former Parsonage which said “Wilson” on it. In a very short time, those photos were all lost due to exposure when I was fumbling with my camera while flying over Montauk with Preston Nichols who was taking video footage. The engine began to fail before Preston, quite miraculously, placed his hand over the engine and calmed it. This was right after I had put out a firm postulate that we would not go down.

We could postulate that the photos I lost were “transferred” to Preston’s video camera. The result was strange footage showing what appeared to be a trap door opening near Junior’s Bunker at Camp Hero. A ground investigation revealed no trap door whatsoever but an old green bottle that looked like a fat genie bottle and had a serpent inscribed on the long neck. We left the bottle but it reappeared in Preston’s back yard the next day. In line with these experiences, I read the following yesterday on the net:

“Parsons crowning achievement involved the ‘Mannikin’ of Crowley’s fevered dream. According to occult investigators James Shelby Downard and William N Grimstad, on July 16 1945 at the Trinity Site in New Mexico, the first atomic bomb explosion was accompanied by a huge steel ‘bottle’ code-named ‘Jumbo’, which weighed nearly one-half million pounds. Jumbo was 25 feet long and 12 feet in diameter: it had been custom built at an eastern steel mill and expensively shipped by a 64 wheeler trailer. The government has never given a remotely reasonable explanation for Jumbo.

“Downard believed that Jumbo contained what Crowley had called ‘The Mannikin’ – an inaminate body which was inundated with nuclear energy, thus producing a real homunculus, a goal of medieval alchemy.”

All of this goes deeper but that is it for now…..comments are welcome. I intend to make a further post on this subject and the homunculus soon.

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Peter Moon Podcast #2 on the subject of Remote Viewing

Here is Peter Moon podcast #2 on Remote Viewing:

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Peter Moon Podcast #1 on the subject of Remote Viewing

Following is the first of several podcasts. The first few will be on the subject of Remote Viewing. The podcasts are an interview with Peter Moon by Sean Bresnan.

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