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You can now get a free copy of the book Transylvanian Moonrise – Twelve Days in the Mysterious Land of the Gods by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon (retails for $22) by subscribing for one year to the Time Travel Education Center (discount applies). YOU MUST USED COUPON CODE: “FREE BOOK OFFER” and click on the following link: FREE BOOK OFFER (Transylvanian Moonrise) This offer is good unit October 30, 2016

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Peter Moon off to Romania

Hello. I am off to Romania to visit Cioclovina Cave, a location of great mystery which is, according to Dr. David Anderson, the only location on earth where there is demonstrable evidence of a time reactor discharge. Here is a video I took of the cave in 2014 when I visited it, not then knowing of Dr. Anderson’s findings. You will hear some comments from him about the cave in this video.

We have also put up a brand new website called The Time Travel Education Center and it now has a new home page with an intro video that is less than a minute long. There is a lot to explore if you have not begun already.

I will be back on August 15th and will begin preparing a report on what I learn. It promises to be a most interesting journey.

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OUR TIME TRAVEL EDUCATION CENTER WEBSITE is now up and functioning, and while you can join for FREE, you can also now support and take part in Peter Moon’s latest research by becoming a DELUXE MEMBER (paid subscribership). DELUXE MEMBERS will have access to more videos and podcasts, including Peter Moon’s video series “Time Travel Theory Explained” including new videos on the Time Reactor (#8 includes the actual patent filed for the Time Reactor and #9 includes an explanarion of how the Time Reactor works). Also featured are two books currently in progess that Peter Moon is working on: (Stardust — An Initiation Into Time and L. Ron Hubbard — The Tao of Insanity). You are welcome to share your input and comment as the books are completed. You also will get full access to ALL BACK ISSUES of the Montauk Pulse newsletter (currently over 550 pages), plus you will have access to the quarterly newsletter as each is written. Plus more.

You can subscribe for FREE or on a paid monthly or annually (best discount). Note, current subscribers to the Montauk Pulse newsletter (hard copy subscribers) are also eligible for an additional $20 discount on the annual membership. Click on the link below to sign up.


New Videos Released Explaining the Math and Physics of Time Travel

Time Travel Theory Explained (click below)
At long last, I have completed a labor of several months to present seven short and easy to understand videos that will easily explain the simple math and physics demonstrating that time travel is within the boundaries of ordinary science. While these are designed for the layman, scientists and mathematicians will also benefit from the laser simplicity of what is presented.

Click on the above and you will be linked to an introductory video. Click on the button that says “Access Free Videos”. After you enter your name and email, you will be sent a link to where you can access a new website where these videos can be seen; and where you will also be able to access other videos and material that will be circulated from time to time.

You will also be placed on an email list for future releases that will give you opportunities for new and unparalleled learning.

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Time Travel Webinar January 3rd

TIME TRAVEL WEBINAR (scheduled now for Jan 3, 2016) I will be participating in a webinar on the subject of TIME TRAVEL with Andrew Bartziz, Douglas Duane Dietrich and Laura Lee Solomon You will hear some things you have not heard before. To sign up:

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Time Travel Videos

I have been very occupied producing educational videos on the math and physics behind time travel. It is similar to the newsletter of last summer that I wrote but it is more detailed and visual; and will take less effort to understand. I will release them via a new web vehicle very soon. They are free of charge.

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Peter Moon Lecture (tonight) August 7th on Long Island

Peter Moon will be lecturing tonight at 8pm (EDT) at Levittown Hall on Long Island, hosted by The Eyes of Learning:

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Particle Accelerator in Transylvania

In May of 2014, I went on a special adventure to Transylvania during which I was to visit the magical Valley of the Golden Thrones which is the most enigmatic and interesting area in Romania (that feature very tight security). To my surprise my visit was coincident with the arrival of the Vice President of the U.S. and the CIA director who were there to pen up the world’s largest particle accelerator (this is discussed in the Summer 2014 issue of the Montauk Pulse newsletter. At long last, I have been forwarded the first news item that suggests the particle accelerator in Transylvania MIGHT be doing. (link is below) I logged into the site in an attempt to respond to the false information in the comments but the architecture of the site would not allow comment. One of the commenters, Ramura, states that he does not “put a lot of credibility around Peter Moon” after previously stating that Dr. David Anderson (according to “Transylvanian Sunrise” and sequels) discovered a time capsule in Romania. THIS IS SO STUPID! David never claimed to discover a time capsule there nor does the book say so. Seems people who doubt or refute me in this case cannot even present data straight and are VERY confused in what they assert. He gets a response from “Lost” that says “Always good to question if the Montauk types are saying “we’re in on this.” Well…I was going to Romania many times before the particle accelerator was built, and it is true that when I went in May 2014, I arrived just before the Vice President (who opened the accelerator) of the USA as well as an unprecedented huge storm; and it is true that one of my main friends was in charge of security for this endeavor; but THIS IS ALL COINCIDENCE. I was not “in on” anything that was going on. Certain energetic comments were made by my Romanians friends, but this is just observations and speculative ones. Also, Ramura is surprised David has not sued me for using his name. There is a built in rejection factor which is not unique to him. He should listen to my podcast with David Anderson. These real problem here is that people do not often listen and assimilate data in a fashion that is logical. I don’t know that anything said in the article is true that is presented by Joseph Farrell or if it is some sort of advanced damage control, but it is noteworthy if only for the reasons stated above. It would be nice to have more real information on the TPA (Transylvanian Particle Accelerator).

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Interview with Dr. David Anderson is finally here!!!!!!! (Peter Moon Podcast #8)

Here is the long awaited interview with Dr. David Anderson in six segments (we spoke for about 4 hours, breaks included) that were conducted on June 13, 2015. Once again, it is highly recommended that you listen to Podcast #7 first so that you are familiar with Dr. Anderson and what he is talking about, particularly Podcast #7, Part 3 wherein Light Cones and Closed Timelike Curves are explained. We have also added additional music by Noosa to the fadeouts at the end of each segment. At the end of Segment 3 or PART THREE, you will also hear the full rendition of Noosa’s most popular and best selling song “Walk on By” which is followed by a short interview with Noosa’s lead singer and composer, Sky.

Peter Moon Podcast #8 Interview with Dr. David Anderson (PART ONE)

Peter Moon Podcast #8 Interview with Dr. David Anderson (PART TWO)

Peter Moon Podcast #8 Interview with Dr. David Anderson (PART THREE)

Peter Moon Podcast #8 Interview with Dr. David Anderson (PART FOUR)

Peter Moon Podcast #8 Interview with Dr. David Anderson (PART FIVE)

Peter Moon Podcast #8 Interview with Dr. David Anderson (PART SIX)

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Follow-up from Ivanheim on U-boat articles

Here is a follow-up from Ivanheim with regard to the U-boat articles he supplied. I hope to read his books at some point. Follow-up comments:

No criticism was intended of yourself for the Bernhard item of course. As authors we do rely on other authors to state facts accurately, particularly if they offer eyewitness accounts.

When U-530 put into Mar del Plata, no less than 37 of the non-officer grades had jettisoned their identity documents and assumed false names to declare to the Argentine authorities. I imagine that these would have been the crew members with special knowledge of the materials aboard U-530, or maybe replacements for fatalities after the spillage to hush the whole thing up.

From the evidence it seems that Otto Wermuth was replaced on 9 July 1945 by an imposter commander who brought the boat into Mar del Plata. From the photographs, Wermuth was short and dark, the official plant was tall, blond and Nordic looking. The identity of the plant has never been established, but from his major decorations, and what he told the Argentine Press on 10-12 July 1945, he was an experienced naval man aboard both warships and U-boats. Since Bernhard claimed to have joined the German Navy in 1943, it does not seem likely that he could have been the plant.

I have not read the two books you mention but I collaborate closely with the Sharkhunters on-line organisation which recently published two books, “The Secret Alliance” (between Argentina and Hitler’s Germany) this one authored by myself, and “Hitler in Argentina” which provides pretty convincing evidence from official sources that Hitler and Eva Braun did come to Argentina postwar. Forensic facial analysis proves that Hitler had a remarkable double in place from March 1945, and he was probably absent from the Reich Chancellery after 23 April 1945, the date when he signed his last Führer-order, after which the double became nominal Führer for seven days .

Thank you for posting my U-530 material so promptly.

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