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There has been some confusion over this; however you are more than welcome to post if you are registered.

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  1. Peter Moon says:

    Comment here if you like.

  2. hactic says:

    Hi Peter, I’ve read the preface part of Transylvanian Moonrise and in a process of getting an ecopy from ebookmall (cheapest). Meanwhile, it reminded me of a similar story of Wingmakers. May be you’ve heard of this.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Everyone’s heard of Wingmakers…pretty much everyone. It is a deliberate fake and smokescreen and you can tell this from the art and music that is borrowed and claimed to be original. It is SO STUPID that it is in plain site but there are many who do not recognize the music or art is lifted from other sources and fall for the spiel. This is not my opinion by the way. I have known SO MANY who swear by the veracity of the site, but there are also many in our world who swear by all sorts of false doctrine. When one studies the material I write about (independent of myself), one has to be VERY discerning. The paranormal has become a very popular field since I became a writer and most of these “investigators” are embarrassing themselves without realizing it, and most of their audience does not realize it. It takes time to learn.

      • hactic says:

        True. None the less, it’s extremely hard to verify any information from just about any paranormal book for that matter unless one tries to meet with the authors and be around for a significant time, which of course is not possible for many of us.

        What matters (at least to me) is to gain wisdom and open my mind to new ideas and possibilities which can come from any sort of material whether fiction, fake or non fiction.

        The other way may be to “feel” certain things that are written in a certain way.

        • Peter Moon says:

          This is true, but I have found that metaphysical audiences are so excitingly gullible that too many if not most do not have any discernment. It is more worthwhile to build up one’s discernment process than it is to leave oneself wide-open. Sort of like eating everything on a menu without discerning whether it is good for your body type, good for anybody in general, or knowing when to stop eating. Most importantly, one has to live up to being the author of one’s own destiny.

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