Particle Accelerator in Transylvania

In May of 2014, I went on a special adventure to Transylvania during which I was to visit the magical Valley of the Golden Thrones which is the most enigmatic and interesting area in Romania (that feature very tight security). To my surprise my visit was coincident with the arrival of the Vice President of the U.S. and the CIA director who were there to pen up the world’s largest particle accelerator (this is discussed in the Summer 2014 issue of the Montauk Pulse newsletter. At long last, I have been forwarded the first news item that suggests the particle accelerator in Transylvania MIGHT be doing. (link is below) I logged into the site in an attempt to respond to the false information in the comments but the architecture of the site would not allow comment. One of the commenters, Ramura, states that he does not “put a lot of credibility around Peter Moon” after previously stating that Dr. David Anderson (according to “Transylvanian Sunrise” and sequels) discovered a time capsule in Romania. THIS IS SO STUPID! David never claimed to discover a time capsule there nor does the book say so. Seems people who doubt or refute me in this case cannot even present data straight and are VERY confused in what they assert. He gets a response from “Lost” that says “Always good to question if the Montauk types are saying “we’re in on this.” Well…I was going to Romania many times before the particle accelerator was built, and it is true that when I went in May 2014, I arrived just before the Vice President (who opened the accelerator) of the USA as well as an unprecedented huge storm; and it is true that one of my main friends was in charge of security for this endeavor; but THIS IS ALL COINCIDENCE. I was not “in on” anything that was going on. Certain energetic comments were made by my Romanians friends, but this is just observations and speculative ones. Also, Ramura is surprised David has not sued me for using his name. There is a built in rejection factor which is not unique to him. He should listen to my podcast with David Anderson. These real problem here is that people do not often listen and assimilate data in a fashion that is logical. I don’t know that anything said in the article is true that is presented by Joseph Farrell or if it is some sort of advanced damage control, but it is noteworthy if only for the reasons stated above. It would be nice to have more real information on the TPA (Transylvanian Particle Accelerator).

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  1. fushin says:

    Hello, very interested in participating in time-travel research, as a subject and fluid intelligence – have some innate capability for remote viewing etc. and a good grasp of principles. I understand the ‘wingmaker’ poetry, for example, and hierarchies, archteypes and templates, non-dual mysteries, references to human genetics, nodes in sunyata, horizontal ‘time as the default sort order of moments’, ability to connect to source (sovereign integral – love that.) No physics, just philosophy, and application. Thanks for this service and interface. How to be in touch?

    • Peter Moon says:

      Thank you for your interest. As of this time, the Anderson Institute is not soliciting subjects for such experiments. In my opinion, serious experiments in such would require the ability to read subtle energy, one of which is the perception that the Wingmakers site is flagrant faking and distortion.

      • fushin2 says:

        I can indeed read subtle energy. That wasn’t what was involved in my reading of the site, however, reading yours, in your reply, I get an unpleasant feeling. I didn’t say that I believed the WM site was authentic. There is no mention anywhere on the net or the dark net about Ancient Arrow Project or any of the items mentioned that should have left traces. Therefore I have presented it as a hoax while discussing its ideas with my peers. But, in reading the glossary of the original site, every single principle (not including predictions for the future, which aren’t principles) is in alignment with zen and shamanism, my expertise and background. So 1) I’m interested in meeting whoever wrote it. If you want a sense of how well I read subtle energy, you should take a look at my publications, however, since there doesn’t appear to be any opportunity at this time, that’s irrelevant. I think that controlled remote viewing procedures are also poor tech – I’m able to do far more by touching objects than by hidden things in envelopes, and resonance between subjects improves telepathic teamwork. Etc. Thanks for your contributions and best wishes.

        • Peter Moon says:

          The person who put up the website contacted a friend of mine, and it was clear from the exchange that there originator was a deliberate hoaxer. The art and music were also appropriated without permission or acknowledgment and exploited the gullible. In my experience, the more subtle and rarefied you get, the more b.s. appears in an effort to dissuade you. I do not know of your identity or your publications so am not in a position to appreciate what you say on that, let alone make a comment (which is certainly not necessary). I think until certain things are truly figured out, various factions will try to exploit certain mysteries in a complicated and non-itegratable fashion. Such factions confuse issues. In other words, the truth will be twisted and convoluted to get people’s attention and perhaps worse. Thanks you for your response and comments.

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