New Videos Released Explaining the Math and Physics of Time Travel

Time Travel Theory Explained (click below)
At long last, I have completed a labor of several months to present seven short and easy to understand videos that will easily explain the simple math and physics demonstrating that time travel is within the boundaries of ordinary science. While these are designed for the layman, scientists and mathematicians will also benefit from the laser simplicity of what is presented.

Click on the above and you will be linked to an introductory video. Click on the button that says “Access Free Videos”. After you enter your name and email, you will be sent a link to where you can access a new website where these videos can be seen; and where you will also be able to access other videos and material that will be circulated from time to time.

You will also be placed on an email list for future releases that will give you opportunities for new and unparalleled learning.

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