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Born and raised in California, Peter Moon is primarily known for his investigation of space-time projects. These concern projects in the past, present and future that control both time and perception of time. An avid reader as a young man, he studied creative writing and literature and was particularly interested in both the scientific extrapolations of science fiction as well as the high adventure that it provided.
His interest in Eastern Religion and Western Occultism clminated in a unique career and association that centered around the private concerns of L. Ron Hubbard, a renown science fiction writer who was an accomplished occultist but is also known as the controversial founder of Dianetics and Scientology.
Peter went out on his own in 1983 and moved to Long Island where his unique background enabled him to forge an association with scientist Preston Nichols, one of the world’s foremost experts in the world on electromagnetic phenomena who had been involved in strange experiments at the Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island which included the manipulation of time. Their collaboration in writing “The Montauk Projct: Experiments in Time” and its subsequent sequels have now reached legendary proportions.
Peter’s work caught the attention of time control scientist, Dr. David Anderson of the Time Travel Research Center on Long Island (now reincorporated as the Anderson Institute in New Mexico), who invited him to Romania and paved the way for him to investigate other space-time projects as discussed in the Transylvania Series, one of which includes what has been called the most amazing archeological artifact in the history of Mankind, a chamber that contains a holographic record of the Earth’s history as well as holographic readouts of human DNA and also other species.
Peter has just released a new series of videos “Time Travel Theory Explained” which explains in simple language the actual scientific principles demonstrating that time travel is within the boundaries of ordinary mathematics and physics.

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  1. monica says:

    Dear Mr. Moon,
    I have read your excellent translation of Radu Cinamar in Transylvanian Sunrise and
    TRANSYLVANIAN MOONRISE (recently) and I am very moved by the subject and the authenticity of the facts described in these books. You did a great job in describing reality in actual Romania related to Bucegi descovery.
    I know a lot about romanian ex- leader Ceausescu and his wife who was looking for the elixir of ethernal life and keeping the secret about Babele and Sfinx from the top of Bucegi Mountins.
    Thank you for such a superb job! The material written in Romanian language by Radu Cinamar wasn’t as good as yours. I received his books before by internet but a lot of details have been missing as well as design of the Projection Room from Bucegi.
    Congratulation !!
    Monica Ligia Corleanca (USA)

    • Peter Moon says:

      Thank you, Monica. I do not translate but only edit from a translation. Sometimes, the translation between Romanian and English is pretty rough and this gets exacerbated when one is dealing with esoteric factors which, fortunately for the work, I understand. Yes, Ceasescu knew about some of the secrets but he handled his choices poorly. This same fate waits world leaders of today if they do not act properly. Most of them are incapable even when they “try.” It is always nice to hear from a Romanian. Do write to me at and tell me where you are located. There are more than a few Romanians in New York where I am. la revedere

  2. Kaylasa Maia says:

    Mr. Moon:

    My name is Kaylasa Maia. I write to you from a small city very close to Mexico City. I am 26 years old. I was reading in Spanish fragments of some of your books , in the following link:

    I write to you with a question concerning my health, but I’ll provide you with a background of information which might sound really weird to you. Please don’t ignore my message. I can assure you all I am telling you is the truth and my only purpose is to find a way to cure a disease which doctors have labelled as “chronical”. Thank you in advance, sir. Here we go:

    I came across your material because in the last few months I had several “extraordinary” or “interdimensional” experiences which led me to come up with a concept I had never heard before: “Timewalkers”.

    You material was one of the few that I found could explain much of the information I received through my experiences. In the link that I just pasted here, I read that in one of your books (I don’t know which one, since it is the first time I come across with your work) you speak of the relation between the Immune System and the “tree of life” or a system that links the heart/higher mind with the body and the material life.

    To make a long story short, sir, I was diagnosed with arthritis 8 years ago. It was really painful for me because I was very young, but at the same time, this disease opened for me an intense period of learning, related to the spiritual part of myself. So much of what I have learned is related to the mysteries of Time; in fact, for many years, I found it really funny that I had such an intense obsession with Time itself, spending hours and hours reading and watching videos of scientific and esoteric topics related to Time, as well as spending hours writing my own thoughts about the nature of Time.

    My life led me to believe that my disease (which is connected to the malfunction of the thymus, a gland which is located very close to the heart and resonates with what the mystics call “heart chakra”) was related to a malfunctioning of my thymus, of the energies flowing through my heart. I also came across the figure of the Tree of Life so many times, in dreams and visions (I write poetry, sir). I began having some not very common experiences with beings from other dimensions (you don’t have to believe this, sir, but please listen to me), which led me to believe that me and other humans could indeed travel through time using not technology, but using our DNA molecules. I wrote information for which I have no scientific evidence, since I channeled it through dreams (again sir, you don’t have to believe this). In this information, I found out about a system which I called ADN.INNIN.TAR which allowed time travel through the principle that the human body is an holographic biological system which reflects the universe around us, so that each DNA molecule contains within it some sort of “key” or “map” which allows access to time-tunnels or wormholes, which in turn lead to other times and spaces.

    Actually, I felt there was a connection between this system I channeled and the “mazzaroth” mentioned by the jewish literature. “Mazzaroth” has been given the meaning of “constellation”, or so I have read, but I felt these constellations of stars also referred to the constellation of DNA molecules within a human being, which allow an interdimensional consciousness, an exchange of information between the brain and the mind in other dimensions.

    Your work and the work of Maia Alaula (a psychic living in Hawaii, who channels an entity called Thoth or Teuthi) are the only texts which can help me understand a bit these things which I have learned through these years.

    In giving you this background, because my objective is to try to explain to you the reason I am writing to you and how I came to a conclusion regarding arthritis: that some energy trapped within my system has made me sick, sir, causing a malfunction of the thymus or this tree of life connecting my dimensional layers. I know this malfunction is related to time traveling and the consciousness of the multi-dimensional nature of all of us, of myself, and I think through the understanding of this malfunction I can cure myself.

    So, I don’t ask you to believe me. I simply to ask you to share with me some information about the relation between the Immune System, Time and this Tree of Life, or any information or opinion which you might think can help shed light on this relation that I don’t quite understand (but I am sure it exists) between Time, the thymus, the tree of life and the mind-body connection. I hope I can contact you soon again, sir.

    Thanks so much for your Time.

    Kaylasa Maia.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Kaylasa – Thank you for sharing all that. While it is complex, your basic thesis sounds reasonable and understandable to me. It sounds like you are mainly concerned about your arthritis. This is very easy to address with proper breathing techniques through Chi Gong which I have described in “The Montauk Book of the Living”. I would suggest you go to my Chi Gong teacher’s website which is His name is Roosevelt Gainey. He is offering Skype classes which can help you with this. Yes, we are all wound around TIME. In astrology, Saturn rules the structure of the skeleton and all body functions emanate from the bones. Saturn also rules time, the Greek name being Chronos which means time. Hope this helps.

  3. gilzerp says:

    I searched “Preston B Nichols” and was brought to this part of the website so I thought it appropriate to post here.

    Have been a fan of Peter Moon’s books for many years and heard his interview on “RedIce Radio” and immediately ordered the “Sunrise” and “Moonrise” books. I’ve read “Transylvanian Sunrise” (loved it) and am reading “Transylvanian Moonrise” now.

    My brother (one of three) sent me this and was wondering if you all had known about it.

    Preston B Nichols has apparently participated in a music video in May of 2010.
    This song from “The Dan Wholey” EP

    I thought it a nice tribute to the eccentric man himself (Preston).

    Thank you for your work Peter Moon and look forward to the future books.

    • Peter Moon says:

      I was not aware of this video but I can tell you this. Back in the Nineties “Preston from the Future” was a very confidential feature of the Montauk phenomena. Preston would never talk about it on the phone; only in person and then very sparingly. Preston from the future was very different from Preston in the present. This video does not look like the same two people. It is very well done in terms of conveying the two Prestons. I will ask Preston about when I next speak to him.

  4. hactic says:

    Hi Mr. Moon, I am from a small island in the Pacific. I’m 35 now and first heard of the PX in Primary School from a cousin of mine who was told about this by their class teacher. Ever since the intrigue has never died off. All these years, I have followed up watched documentaries, read whatever I could get my hands on and finally came to know of MP a few years ago. I have so many questions that I would love to ask but surely I guess that would be much practical.

    At some point or level I do understand that at least some part of MP is really true if all else is somewhat intuitive exaggerations only. But I guess to me what matters most are the ideas and good ones can be gotten from fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t really matter to some extent.

    For now, I would like to ask 3 things for the sake of bevity.

    1. Have you or Mr. Nichols ever were tried to be silenced?

    2. Is Mr. Nichols the old school type, mostly dealing with analog electronics and does not use internet or email? 🙂 I would very much like to correspond with him.

    3. Is there more to MP than what has been written in all of your books? I mean, was there any part relating to MP that could not be published?

    I have bought an ecopy of Encounter in the Pleiades (to read on my android phone). I have read MP: Experiments in Time before.

    Hope Mr. Ford would be freed in the very near future. You are right, he is the Nelson Mandela of UFOlogy. What has happened to him is far worse than what one might expect.


    • Peter Moon says:

      Are you from Samoa? In any event, thank you for your interest. I will try to answer your questions. There are varying degrees of “silencing” efforts that were all written in the various books including “Montauk Revisited” and “Music of Time”. Preston psychologically lives in a state of high drama and it can be a bit much for most people. It is hard to explain in a short forum. His apprehensions are warranted and unwarranted both at the same time. Most of these threats or attempts resonate with the underworld. I do not resonate so strongly with that and the few attempts to frighten me have not worked.
      Preston has done internet in the past but it is not his medium and he is not online nor has he been for some time. Yes, he is of the analog world.
      THere is a lot written about the Montauk Project in the books and newsletters but most of what went there, objectively as opposed to the versions of experiencers, is deep and involved buty mostly lost to history. Most of it is not worth pursuing.
      The current scenario with the research of Dr. David Anderson and the projects in Romania offer a clearer or more tangible approach.

  5. hactic says:

    No never even been there. I am from Fiji. Do you mean that Mr. Preston is somewhat gotten dillusional? Could you please explain a bit more? Are the threats from tptb still coming onto him after so many years now, even though he does not seem to be actively involved in all this any more, right?

    I’ve planned to get Montauk Revisited next when I finish with the current one.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Preston has one foot in this reality and many other feet in other realities. Sometimes his experiences are cohesive and sometimes they are not. He would not disagree with me. Right now, he believes the officials are trying to get him off of his property in conjunction with the John Ford case. This is a very hot topic in any case. Fiji is supposed to be very beautiful.

  6. hactic says:

    “hot topic” – Assuming there will be more info forth coming on your site.

    As for Fiji, yeah it is, very green. Life here is very subtle, very relaxing. Nothing earth shattering ever seems to happen here. The topic of UFOs is basically non-existent. Unlike in Solomon Islands, for eg.

  7. hactic says:

    Well it’s not exactly serene unless may be one can find such a spot far away from urban. Due to reasonable amount of development and off course cars, there’s lot of noise pollution.

    As for SI, I meant in terms of UFO activity. It’s full of it and from some time ago actually.

  8. hactic says:

    I just remembered some time ago I was searching “Delta-T” on google. I came across this page from a schizophrenia forum on which a guy talks very briefly about the type of guys that were assigned with him. No doubt he may be SZ to some extent but then he could have said what he actually experienced.

    Looking at it open mindly, I felt that there just might have been something to it. But I have to be careful.

    • Peter Moon says:

      While there may or may not be something to it, this poor individual certainly did not have his head together. It is a symptom of many mind control victims or people who suffered from such projects.

  9. ChrisM says:

    Regarding the blue goddess Machandi and the blue race mentioned in the Transylvanian Moonrise Addendum: Perhaps there is a relation with ‘Mongolian Spots’ (usually) on the backs and buttocks of Asian and Latin American Indian newborns. In some cases these spots remain visible to when children reach the age of 5 years though most disappear earlier during infancy. This link shows several clear examples of such spots: In our culture it is one of the first things parents and medical staff check immediately after the birth of a child.

  10. ChrisM says:

    Mongolian Spots in humans may be similar to lion cubs having spots (that disappear at a later age) resembling leopards and cheetah fur patterns, which suggests they share a common ancestory. In The Netherlands (the male) people of my race are often called ‘Blauwe Jongens’ (which literally translates to ‘blue boys’ in English) used in a kind of derogatory way. We are descendants of people living in former Dutch colonies where Guna-Guna – similar to West-Indian Voodoo – is an integrated part of life. As a result we are more familiar with legends and stories that most westerners find difficult to believe.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Interesting. Many years ago, one of my black friends told me about people in West Africa who were bluish black and that they saw an older man who would turn purple in the sun. What you ay about leopard spots is very interesting and probably in my opinion. The cat is very tied to all of this plus the leprosy in the Bible which is really tzaraat, a disease of whitish skin lesions. Did you read The Montauk Book of the Living which goes into some of these details?

      • ChrisM says:

        I haven’t yet read The Montauk Book of the Living, because I’ve only recently discovered your work 😀 but I definitely believe you have been transferred the messages and experiences contained in your books for a specific reason. Just like Preston and David have been lead to the path through space and time that they are on. The Mongolian Spots probably are remainders of hard coding in our DNA that could not have been removed entirely by whoever manipulated it, because nature always attempts to return to its original configuration regardless of what interference or circumstance may occur. In parallel universes we may still have our original DNA configuration while entanglement continues to manifest. It is one of the reasons why we should never lose hope for being in better places and times no matter how grim the situation in this dimension appears to be.

        • Peter Moon says:

          You are quite right, Chris and you will find that book very interesting in light of your own enlightenment in these matters. You might also appreciate Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal which came earlier, but the Book of the Living has the most consilidated info on the Rh-negative blue blood factor which some have tried to turn into shape-shifting horror stories. That theme is the same as was used in the Lone Ranger, a tv show of the Fifties and Sixties where the Lone Ranger was known as Keemosabe or “Que es mas Sabe” by his Indian companion which means “He who knows more”. The Indian was known as Tonto which means “stupid” in Spanish. The Lone Ranger used only silver bullets which are designed to kill shapeshifters. In the days of the Matriarchy, shapeshifting was an art. The patriarchy has tired to turn it into a horror show with Dracula, the Wolfamn and the like.

  11. Dear Mr. Moon,

    I’ve read several of your books on Montauk and another one on “Seventh Seal” and really interested in time travel matters and experiencing very exciting synchroncity cases for about ten years some of which seemed hard to imagine after they even happened. However my main issue is something to do with myself having been attacked by some kind of psychic evil force that started during my visit in USA 12 years ago (I lived in Athens, OH for 1 year). While making a PhD degree there some kind of malevolent force just tapped into my consciousness trying “to possess” my entire being. It was too compelling that I was unable to confront and stop it before I started doing trance seances 3 years ago. As far as my experience tells this force has a nature beyond the “spiritual” realms of the universe which means it extends the features of the humanly spirit as we know so my own spiritual abilities and the engagement of my spiritual guides just didn’t suffice to stop it up until a recent challenge. However after this challenge I myself invented a technique that allows me to travel different dimensions in universe and time. This would be a long story to tell here but I should stress that everything has started in the year 2000 after I arrived in US while myself being determined to make some explorations about the nature and relations of time travel with the human consciousness and the matter of interdimensional travel. I believe that I’ve encountered a very dangerous threat which is associated with the dark projects realized by secret government in US. What I want to ask you briefly here is on the matter of a possible alien invasion in the very near future. I’m seeing visions of future through travels in time and during these experiences I see some very malevolent aliens using advanced technology (I would even refer to it an “occult technology” since it is way beyond imaginable limits) invading earth and terminating millions of people. These aliens as I can perceive have familiarity and the proximity with the force I was attacked by since they have common ties and comprise parts of a negative dominion which is hostile for both human soul and the divine spiritual hierarchy of this planet. I can’t expect you to approve my account being a psychic one directly since I have no means to communicate here but I’m really concerned about the future of this planet and threat against our own fate. So I need to ask you whether you have any personal accounts or direct information on a possible alien invasion sometime after 2012. If you would be able to correspond with anything you would know it may be of a great help in my psychic exploration since I need extra information on the nature of these forces.

    • Peter Moon says:

      What you have experienced is equivalent to the jinn or censorship surrounding the most powerful aspects of consciousness/existence, at least with regard to the domain that so many of us dwell in. The more sensitive the issue, the more “police” will come to restrict you. Dr. Anderson has repeatedly said that censorship is the key technique of modern warfare. This applies to consciousness as well. Opening up the seals of the brain requires passing the censors or jinn that frequent the “toll booths”. You have to respect and acknowledge them whether you agree with them or not. That is the first step to freedom. With regard to an alien invasion, the Earth has been under this paradigm for a longer time than recorded history has been around. In so many words or metaphors, we are ALREADY under this influence. It is not going to be “saucers invading”. THere have been so many saucer reports as well as evidence on YouTube that the public has already been assaulted with this paradigm although it is subtle and covert. I would refer you to the Wizard of Oz line of “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” After Dorothy defeats the evil witch at the suggestion of the Wizard, she returns to the Wizard to empower her to return to Kansas but is soon taught that the Wizard does not have the power…..only herself. Your quest can only be resolved by empowering yourself and deflating the exterior influences. Fighting exotic hoods in exotic ports of call with sophisticated martial arts techniques might be very appealing to some, but one might profit more spiritually and otherwise to strengthen oneself, grow crops and cultivate inner wisdom.

      • Thanks for your interest. You are referring to jinn influence here as you describe in “The Seventh Seal” and acknowledge a censorship. Well it may be applicable about some cases like this but I’m not sure about this case on being censored. “Who” is making the censorship is a great problem here since I have some contacts with spiritual hierarchy and as they convey this a usurp attempt against some levels among them as well as myself at this time. So they have been affected in a negative way and you may really depend on my account since I’m in contact with them throughout these years but under this negative influence we were experiencing transmission problems cause “it” was hindering proper spiritual communication. Also as I mentioned before I have certain hints to believe that “it” is not a creation comprised of spirit and matter in which human beings are constructed of. My guides approves that it is not of spiritual origin and comes out of conceivable parameters of space and time throughout the recognized universe originated by the universal spiritual hierarchy. So this is the nature of my case and I’m way too serious on this. As for the jinn it has also different attributes in Islamic tradition as you may well be aware of. However depending on my entire knowledge of paranormal it is hard to conceive this as jinn (or djinn) influence. Not by the martial arts but it rejects any attempt to be communicated.
        For the wizard of oz example, thanks since it is one of my favourite movies as I never forgot about Dorothy flying away throughout the twister as it always seems to appear as a prolonging dream of my childhood.

  12. I apologize for making a mistake here: “My guides approves that it is not of spiritual origin and comes out of conceivable parameters of space and time throughout the recognized universe originated by the universal spiritual hierarchy.” I tried to mean “its origins are beyond conceivable parameters of space and time”. This is just what my experience says. Thanks again.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Thank you for both posts. Islamic definition of jinn is TOO limited for practical usage or understanding, at least the way it is traditionally commiunicated or translated into English. It serves the jinn well in that regard. Jinn is related to an English word “gin” which refers to a corral to keep something in or “censored”. The semantics are not as important as the issues of censorship and who or what controls, regulates, monitors the censorship, etc. To obtain unlimited access to the spiritual hierarchy, one must look inside. It is all coded and “jinned” inside of you or all of us. Neptune is the ruling archetype of the spiritual realm. He represents the sea and all of its many moods and illusions. He rules the depths and also the dolphins and whales. He is also the ruler of deception. Censors also hold things in place. If they were all relaxed, most people would go crazy because they are all programmed, for better or worse, to live the way they live.

      • I apologize for being late and thanks for reply. I’d tell the basic characteristics of jinn in Islamic tradition that you’d be knowledgeable about. These beings are considered to be in a lower degree than human. Made of fire element like the devil himself they are too fast in space and time incomparable to humans. It’s been stated in Quran that this holy book was introduced to jinn aa well as human beings. A fundamental problem about the Islamic tradition is that these beings are deemed to cause metaphysical danger on people so that many psychic and spiritual cases have been directly attributed to them (To some the entire spiritual action). I don’t know if there exists any association of Islamic jinn with the English referent. Thanks again.

        • Peter Moon says:

          Thank you. All definitions of jinn are lacking. To say they are all bad perpetrates bad. One could call their antithesis angels but that is not quite right either. The elemental and spiritual hierarchies interact with complexity.

  13. dcgreen says:

    Aytug, thank you for sharing your unique experiences, I have enjoyed reading this conversation. Peter, I have been wanting to better understand your perspective on the jinn for awhile now, so this is very helpful, thank you. I have had an interest in the jinn for a number of years and have read a good bit on them, but I’ve not seen your unique perspective on them elsewhere. It does make sense that SOME type of beings/entities would be fulfilling the censor/gatekeeper role and it does fit nicely with the jinns’ “trickster” rep. Aytug, that was my impression as well with regards to your experiences, i.e. that “tricksters” were seeking to redirect your focus – and there was some excellent creativity involved! Seriously though, this is a banner year for “extinction event” threats. What would matter most if any such scenario should materialize is that we are able to maintain our inner composure, strength, and guidance and not be thrown off balance in the midst of the chaos – and that calls for a very different kind of “prepping”, as Peter recommends.
    There is also something I wanted to share which is a link to some beautiful photos of the radar tower at Camp Hero, Montauk, which can be seen here: . I actually saw this link in the comments section of an article on the “Secret City” of OakRidge, Tennessee. One of my father’s cousins was a nuclear scientist who lived and worked at OakRidge, so that interested me. In the comments someone mentioned that OakRidge reminded them of Montauk and then Michael Magers shared the link to his photos. Anyway, what immediately struck me regarding the photos was the Masonic/esoteric checkerboard pattern in the tower! This of course brings us back to the good/evil duality theme, which the aspiring master will move beyond.

    • Peter Moon says:

      You are first to mention the significance of the checker board pattern on the transmitter tower. Thank you. Thank you for your comment to Aytug as well. Where life goes bad, it is primarily due to no attention by responsible life-giving entities, people or whatnot. The jinn represent functionaries that are, more or less, on auto-pilot. They can also develop minds of their own. Whebn we descend into matter-made bodies, we are stipulating to certain rules or customs whereby we let or relegate certain actions to different entities. We can overcome this if we are fully awakened but this is not a normal character. Not even Jesus in the Bible could overcome these stipulations and he was billed as the best God had to give. Solomon could command these jinn according to occult tradition and he was using the secret word which was the hidden name of “Jesus” as Yod He SHIN Vau He. SHIN equates to many things including SPIRIT, CHANGE, HEART, TOOTH, MOON. I have just noticed it has a correspondence, if it is not in fact a direct synonym, to SHEM which has nuanced meaning, most of which center around the word “name” which means essence. Hence, when Jesus is referred to “in his name” or “in my name” it actually means in his essence….not in the bastardized name the Bible has projected. It is the essence of the source of all things. SHIN also equates to TAO. The problem with the Bible is that it glorifies God and Jesus and the Tao does not require glorification. This opens the door to false gods or bullshit worship and bullshit religion. Shem I have just discovered equates to the ancient Bulgarian Psychic Priest King named Sham which is where the word Shaman derives. In Biblical tradition, Shem equates to Melchizedek, the Prince of Shalom or Salem, who taught Abraham, his grandson (I believe…if not an great nephew). Shem lived for 1500 years in the Bible and his son was Aram (which equates to Ram) who was the father of the Aramaic peoples. This stuff is the core of the so-called Indo-Aryan invasion of Persia and the Indian sub-continent. Shem and Sham are apparently one and the same. Shem has been poorly misunderstood as both a Biblical and legendary character, let alone a historical one. Whatever his positive attributes may have been, his “name” has been used to orchestrate and perpretrate and destructive patriarchal priest-state. There is a core essence, however, which has been unnoticed and unacknowledged and it is literally his “name” which means essence. Jinn have orchrestrated the coverup. They can also provide help to the solution if one knows how to employ the SHIN…the REAL ESSENCE of what is the SOURCE OF ALL THINGS. The following link is a system that will transmute negative energy, including radiation and all those horrible affter effects. Its roots are ancient proto-Thracian (Bulgarian, Romanian region):

      • Saitou says:

        Hello Peter,

        My name is John, I am 28 years old from Melbourne, Australia.
        I have only just discovered your books, literally I have not even read past the first few pages of moonrise, admittedly I wanted to do a bit of background research on you before committing to read an entire book (I have so many books I want to read and it’s hard to prioritize them but yours just made it to the top of the list). I saw a YouTube video of you where you mentioned the importance of synchronicity and this is where I felt that we are on similar wavelengths as I am a big believer in synchronicity.. funnily enough I started reading (out of nowhere) The Qur’an not long ago and also started reading a fantasy Novel called Bartimaeus: The Ring Of Solomon which is set in King Solomon’s time and describes djinn, djinni and other ethereal beings that can be summoned and trapped by magi to do their bidding. (I am a believer in the plausibility that much of what is written in Science-Fiction/Fantasy comes from the ‘collective subconscious’)

        I have been exposed to all types of ‘mythology’ and religion from an early age as my Father has always been a seeker and has studied the occult and also religious studies at University where he majored in Sansrkit.

        Anyway I just wanted to thank you for the work you have done and to let you know that I look forward to reading your books. Oh and I almost forgot to ask, Shem is also mentioned in the Bible “After Noah had lived 500 years, he fathered Shem, Ham, and Japheth.” is there any correlation to what you mentioned in your above reply? I also wanted to know if you have come across Drunvalo Melchizedek’s theory of the Christ consciousness grid and his expansion of Carl Jung’s 46 and 2 chromosome theory.

        I also thank you for taking the time to read and answer all of the other posts I figure you must be quite busy. Id better stop typing now I never know when to shut up.

        Have a nice day/week/month/year/etc.!
        (apologies for any poor grammar and or spelling in the above paragraphs.)

        Yours Sincerely,

        John Davies

        • Peter Moon says:

          Thank you. I do not study Drunvalo. Much of what he says has been co-opted from others. I recommend the work of Stan Tenon, for one, on Sacred Geometry. Not sure wheat you’re asking about Shem. The name, however, is consistent with the ancient priest-king Sham of ancient Thracia (Bulgaria in this case). The story of Noah, however, is quite a fable and you can find it is a reiteration of an ancient Egyptian flood story. The book you mention is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  14. dcgreen says:

    The checkered pattern seems especially striking to me in those photos, but a friend had also recently mentioned seeing that pattern a lot lately which is probably why I thought of it, so it was just one of those synchronicities I guess! I always love the connections that you make, as it so often inspires me to make other connections as well. Shem was of course the eldest of Noah’s three sons, and as you said he was the forefather of the Aramaic line through Aram but also of Abraham, David, Solomon and Jesus through another son. The Bible says Melchizedek was “without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days or end of life” but some Hebrew scholars believe Shem and Melchizedek were one and the same, as you alluded to. That is a seeming paradox on the one hand (and btw there were ten generations between Shem/Melchizedek and Abraham), but the paradox disappears if you think of the role of Melchizedek in esoteric terms. Essentially what you are saying is that SHEM + SHIN (which overcomes the jinn) = Melchizedek! 🙂
    “The following link is a system that will transmute negative energy, including radiation and all those horrible affter effects. Its roots are ancient proto-Thracian (Bulgarian, Romanian region):” Please, what is the link?? Thank you! 🙂

  15. dcgreen says:

    Thank you so much! I wondered if you were talking about orgone energy generators, which supposedly also have these properties ( I’ve recently been thinking of purchasing or making one of these. I cannot quite tell from the link what the ceremonial process is, without purchasing one of the books (which I will probably do), but interestingly, you have the basic components of an orgone generator – metal (copper) and organic material. I notice also that the ceremony is to be performed at sunrise and/or sunset, which is when sun gazing is performed – another powerful ritual. So I can see where this could be quite powerful!

    • Peter Moon says:

      I do not know the specific orgone generators you are talking about but the Vedic techniques would definitely produce orgone. I got my starter kit yesterday but didn’t have time to look at it because I’ve been reading Radu’s fourth book as the first part of the translation has just come in. Very interesting stuff about attempts by Romanian and American factions to dismantle Department Zero so as to get their hands on the Bucegi Complex beneath the Sphinx.

  16. Thanks dcgreen and Mr. Moon both. I just wanted to leave a short reply on the matters I found interesting. When I was reading Mr. Moon’s reply on Green I noticed that he mentioned the word “moon” for etymological concerns. Just by bit of imagination I directly thought about my name Aytug since it has the Turkish equivalent of the word “moon” in it. Speaking of synchroncity I started thinking about the importance and frequency effects of the names and what allows us to act in certain ways according to the frequency. I saw in the rest of the reply Peter was actually talking about just this. It is hard to describe but my sense of synchroncity has a direct relevance with the flow of reality but “in accordance with the truth itself”. There is something to do with that but I don’t know as I thought about Peter’s surname in association with my first name regarding the frequency and the magickal effects that the original moon has. “Aytug” is an old and original Turkish name refers to a warrior helmet with a crescent at the top which is used with respect to a Turkish commander of the armies and later this helmets were used by Islamic commanders also. By the way I should say that I don’t have any interests such as a tendency towards to be an Islamic commander or whatsoever :))

    • Peter Moon says:

      I would like to see a picture of that helmut. I wonder if it looks like the “helmut” that is atop the Romanian Sphinx. That part of the rock looks like an ancient Thracian helmut.

  17. Also: “Aytug” is pronounced as “I too” in English.

  18. By means of this conversation I learned about some other older military symbol of Turks and another referent of my name that is more correct than my former knowledge about this name. : the first picture on this site is depicting a kind of war ornament of Turks called as “Tug” and the top of this stuff is ornated with a crescent which was later used for a symbol of Islam (I don’t know where this symbolism comes from). However “tug” (of Ay-tug) has an original and authentic usage in older Turkish armies which was symbolising the sovereignty and status of Hakan (who was the head of the nation at their times). According to the source that I’ve reached Hakan has 9 of this plumes or aigrettes as these terms have a close affinity with this “tug”. Please note that “tug” term ends with a soft “g” letter which you don’t have an English referrent. So “Ay-tug” is not a term in daily usage, it is just an older Turkish name. “Ay” is “the moon”. Also plumes which have connection with helmets and also used on them were also associated with the bird feathers and horse tails in this manner as plumes were sometimes made of these materials. As well as being used in military they were also used by Ottoman sultans and their grand viziers. The most close example to the helmets with the crescents at the top can be found here: The first picture depicts some examples but these are just ornaments symbolising the original helmets but I could not find a picture of an original helmet since with the terms I use it is hard to dig in the web. Thanks, Peter and I hope you’d find these links helpful as I put them here not because they are the referents of my own name but this is one of the interesting names which has distinctive derivatives and connotations along with its symbols and this name is not rarely used as not much being an anonymous one. By the way you would say all names are anonymous but are they really?

    • Peter Moon says:

      I recognize the name Hakan as Swedish as I knew a Swede by this first name. It is, however, phonetically related to Kha Khan or A Khan, as in Kublai Khan or Genghis Khan which is also phonetically and otherwise related to the Cohen priests of Israel who guarded the Ark and Holy of Holies. When you say tug has a soft g, it is like the Ta in Tahuti or the Tao and the crescent moon, which is depicted like Isis’s cow horns on the helmut, is anciently symbolic of shin which literally mean “moon” (as in Shinar) long before it took on a Masonic significance and became the fulcrum of the name Yod He Shin Vau He, tranliterated into Yeshua and then Jesus. Just as Jesus has the feminine locked away within His construct, so does the Holy of Holies have the Shekinah locked away inside of it, over the Ark as the Grand Spark. So if tug is tao and we have Shinto in Japan coming from Shin+Tao (which is Japanese for “Way of the Spirit” where shin = spirit…in Chinese shin is heart), we can loosely and perhaps not so loosely define tug as tao which is moon as well as spirit and most certainly way of the spirit. Your second to the last sentence is not clear and needs to be reconstructed grammatically as I can’t understand it. Names are chosen for people or by themselves much like a throwing of the I Ching or a Tarot spread. It is spontaneous, just like Genghis Khan being born with a blood clot in his hand as the sign of great warrior. Everything is connected. By the way, don’t know if its on YouTube, but a great battle on Celebrity Death Match claymation was between Genghis Khan versus Mahatma Gandhi. A brutal match which also features time travel.

  19. PS: at you would find the picture of another sort of “tug” which is called as “sorguc” as they were used in front of the sultan’s and grand vizier’s quilted turbans. It is the fourth picture from top-down at the site.

  20. Thank you very much Peter. If you mean these sentences to be reconstructed: “Thanks, Peter and I hope you’d find these links helpful as I put them here not because they are the referents of my own name but this is one of the interesting names which has distinctive derivatives and connotations along with its symbols and this name is not rarely used as not much being an anonymous one. By the way you would say all names are anonymous but are they really?”

    These could have been: “Thanks, Peter and I hope you’d find these links helpful as I put them here not because they are the referents of my own name but this is one of the interesting names which has distinctive derivatives and connotations along with its symbology. Also this name is rarely used as not much being an anonymous one. By the way you would say all names are anonymous but are they really?”

    As far as I’m concerned this is a rare name with special attributes to be an original Turkish one other than many names often used here that were actually originated from Arabic because of the Islamic influence. However we have some grassroots nationalists here who often acknowledge the importance of being an original Turk and its difference from Arabic (Semitic) race, culture and they tend to emphasize the way that Islamic religion experienced among Turks are far better than other countries. Also they tend to make a synthesis between original Turkish culture and Islam.

    As for the “Hakan” I should admit that you are right. Khan or Han terms are used with “Hakan” interchangeably. Swedes have the same name also Hungarians use the name “Attila” who was the great emperor of Hun Empire also known as “The Scourge of God” or “Flagellum Dei” (in Latin). For this association you should look for the association of Runic alphabet with that of Turks of Sky (Kok Turk or Gokturk) which were one of the most ancient empires of the world. Turks of Sky alphabet has the most of the characters in the Runic alphabet. So people make associations between Nordic and Uygurian Turkish blood and racial heritages. We have spiritualists here who assume that the Turkish genetics and culture directly related to lost Mu Continent and Empire being different from Atlantis in many ways. Strange as it seems but they talk about Uygur Turks being the root race of Scandinavians (But they don’t necessesarily mean the contemporary Uygurian Turks). According to them Uygurian Turkish empire and civilisation was superior other than the rest of the world and they were one of the most important progenitors of Arian race. I should also acknowledge that I had encountered a research made by a Swedish scientist of I guess 17th century stating that the Swedish are originally Turks which sounds quite interesting. According to another statement made by one of my strong psychic friends who is an associate of “Black Eagle” system Turks are the legendary 13th Tribe among Israelis who was not given the Ten Commanmends of God. They were not given these Laws because they did not turn their backs on to God and did not worship the old fetish idols. Some of these are insider knowledge and may not be easily verified objectively but I just wanted to let you know. Moreover for myself being of a quarter Jewish descent the rest of the things you mentioned are interesting. I need to take a look at Kabballah to make a deeper dig. It should be mentioned here also that having a quarter Jewish descent (from my fathers root) did not even make our family a little Judaist in culture and we always recognize ourselves as Turks. However in Anatolia we have a very fertile and cosmopolitan mixture of different cultures and roots under one Turkish label.

    • Peter Moon says:

      This is fascinating stuff which I cannot go into deeply right now. Much of it ties to articles I have written about Bulgaria being the ancient capital of the world. The Sky Turks or Gokturks originated from the proto Thracians. Keep in mind, Turkey was originally called Troy which is a transliteration of Thrace which means “three” and relates to the Triple Goddess, later “transubstantiated” (ha ha) into the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The whole Jewish things is very misunderstood, mostly by the Jews/Christians and also by the anti Semitic crowd. Jewish mysticism and writing was borrowed from earlier sources and spread rather effectively because it reiterated earlier “religious truths” that the people in Asia and elsewhere already recognized. The name that eventually turned into Cohen was probably far closer to Khan at the time the Israelites spoke it. Much of accepted history is fiction. The Khazar Jews are a true part of history but what most people know is what Arthur Koestler wrote about and that is usually the source reference quoted. It is far more complex and intricate than a bunch of “non-Jews” adopting Judaism. This is the source of so much hatred which, even though unjustified, is based upon an over simplification of who the Khazars really were. The word Jew itself is very troublesome and not only because of its connotation in the perjorative sense but because the word was NEVER used by the early Israelites themselves. “J” is usually introduced into history by the English. Even Judah is misleading as they don’t used “J”. Yehudah or Yuda is a better approximation and this sounds more like an American Indian iteration. They are recognized as the Lost Tribes by some. If you look at the Jewish Yeshiva which is a center of knowledge or learning, it is a derivative of Shiva and all that implies, a part of the Hindu trinity. The Hindu religion came from the proto Thracians and this brings us back to Bulgaria and the Kholobars priest which is maybe where the word Excalibur came from. They wore pigtail ponytails according to their rank and this is the instigation of the famous Chinese pony tail that people are more familiar with. They spoke of ancient Priest King Sham which is where the word shaman comes from but who I have come to realize is similar or same to Shem in the Bible who is identified as Melchizedek as well as the Son of Noah. The story of Noah is in the Egyptian religion but it is older than our Biblical versions and makes our Biblical versions sound like a knock-off with names changed to protect the guilty.

  21. Thanks Peter. What you mention here is interesting to me also in many different ways but we have here some different accounts of Bulgarian, Thracian and Troyan issues. So a brief explication on our understanding of these cases is required here I guess. First you know we have original Turks living in Bulgaria, a second to that is part of northwest Turkey is settled in Thracia that is official Thracian region here. As a third we have records here indicating some Turkish commanders making statements about “taking revenge of Troyans” after official conquering of Anatolia as they deem Troyans as Turks. However the original Turkish story is too old and long but we don’t accept ourselves as Thracian however may see Thracians having Turkish descent. As you say history is fictitious along done that includes attempts trying the whole Turkish thing departed away. In the west original Turkish culture and civilization are not much and thoroughly known. But we have always been a major power in history which was deliberately written to exclude fundamental influence of Turks in it. I should state that what I mention here are not just fictional fundamentalism but what I’m trying to say is the western information on matter of Turks is lacking and needs to be scrutinized and rehandled with positive intentions as soon as possible (I’m not targeting your statements but referring to a common information gap). For the other points you made I will get back to you as soon as possible. So thank you very much again.

  22. PS: I don’t know why but during last 20 years of my life I was fascinated with the story of Melchizedek since he was the priest-king having both spiritual and material power which is very crucial to me. As for the excalibur I don’t know where it was originated but nickname was Arthur in the college. Also I was indulged in King Arthur legends for a long time and recently I saw these TV series called “Camelot”. When I was watching King Arthur’s coronation ceremony something happened. The whole scene I remembered as I saw it before. It was like a deja-vu feeling but something more than that was my entire sense about synchroncity, deja-vu, reality shifts and cosmic dreams of mine just connected all together in an instant. I recall now a dream I saw a few years ago where I was a Turkish prince of the most ancient times with blond hair and tanned skin sitting in front of a great statue of the Black Eagle where ancient Turkish and German scriptures were inscribed together in the front. A strong psychic friend told me that it was not a dream but a real event happened in the ancient times.

    I apologize for taking your time but this same friend of mine also had told me years ago that in the Montauk-alien connection of sorts (I think it was something to do with aliens coming to actual time through time-tunnel). I talked about this situation and I remember him saying that “the incoming aliens were those people themselves who are making this experiments.” He wanted to mean that the aliens are the future forms of Montauk personnel themselves. I just wanted to insert this info here in order to trigger a shiver on the necks of certain people. Thanks for your patience.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Thank you for your input. Note I used the word proto Thracian and you will find all of these different groups coming out of that. Thracians, Dacians and others are much later evolutions of an original root race that spoke something akin to Indo-Aryan/Indo-Europeann.

  23. Ovi Samsara says:

    Note about MISA Yoga – Gregorian Bivolaru is the so-called guru of the MISA Yoga group which originated in Romania. He has many followers. Sadly, Mr. Bivolaru has had a secret financial business which included utilising many of his selected ‘yoga’ girls as a source of revenue. Selling their services to Japanese businessmen in Japan private clubs. This and other secret programs of his were the cause of the Romanian government’s crackdown in 2003 on the MISA ashrams. Other yoga groups in Romania were not attacked. MISA yoga practice is ok but their ‘leader’, who fled Romania, holds many confidential, dark practices which harm people. Mr. Bivolaru holds a vast database of nude photos of all people who participate in his ‘courses’. Good luck.

    • Peter Moon says:

      I am publishing and acknowledging your post although I do not mean that as endorsement of your claims. I am aware that there is much controversy over this issue. What you state seems to be standard operating procedure for any gurus, but that is not the point. There are many other Romanians who view Gregorian Bivolaru as a political prisoner set up by the Masons. I do not have enough soft or hard data to even offer an opinion that is intelligent on this matter but by publishing your comments, I hope to invite intelligent dialogue and more information so that we all can learn. I invite comments from others who know more of these circumstances.

      • Maria says:

        Having known; worked-with; and lived with Mr. Bivolaru, I know first-hand what is behind his work and the history/changes/confidential work of his org. Going to Japan as a female entertainer in order to burn karma was one of his many secret business dealings. In order to return to Japan for a second stint, his select girls were told to destroy their previously used Romanian passports which contained evidence of having previously visited Japan. Girls then were to order new Romanian passports in which new visas were added. This was to make it appear to Japanese immigration officers, that the girls had only entered Japan for the first time. After all, entering Japan for the purpose of entertaining wealthy businessmen in their clubs was highly frowned upon by the Japanese government. Yes, there is a Sphinx and and entrance to Shambala in the same vicinity. Just because Bivolaru knows of it does not make him someone magical or holy. Only by some very very difficult and painful lessons have many of us learned what an evil cult he leads. In the early years, his yoga group was very small and good. That changed. “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely”

        Most people of Romania know of Bivolaru. Most, also know that he is an evil and dangerous man. Only a minority believe him to be of sound-mind. Many children, girls, families have been hurt badly by involvement with this M.I.S.A. group.

        STD runs rampant among the members of M.I.S.A. even though Bivolaru made it a policy to require all participants to be tested for STDs and to provide a doctors written note. Bivolaru also requires totally nude photos of all participants in M.I.S.A. activities. A wonderful database for him to have at-hand.

        Thank you for posting. Yoga is very good for one’s health. M.I.S.A is very bad for health and wellbeing of people. Government suppression of yoga is wrong.
        Government crackdown of sugar-coated poison is right.

        • Peter Moon says:

          Thank you, Maria. Your words are very genuine and I will make some inquiries to my friends when I visit Romania this August. You are welcome to come by and say hello if you get the opportunity.

  24. Alan says:

    Last night I listened to your radio interview with Kerry Cassidy on June 8, 2012.
    you were making a reference to “Elenor” that has a insight into frequencies that
    are beneficial to extending life. Do you have more information on this person?
    And, is this different than the “Copper Works” site that transmutes radiation?
    On the interview, you were on a role at that point, and it was difficult for me
    to keep up with you. You are a fascinating speaker!

    • Peter Moon says:

      Hi Alan. Copper Works is different than Elinor’s work but they are both based upon vibration. All I have about Elinor is in the book “Transylvanian Moonrise” which you can purchase. It is well worth reading but that is all we have on Elinor and his work for now except for a description of his lb in “Mystery of Egypt”. If I am to learn more of his secrets, it will likely be over an extended period of time as I grow and expand. Fortunately, I am delightfully patient as I am saddled with many other activities of great interest. I will keep readers posted in the Montauk Pulse newsletter. Thank you for your interest.

  25. Carine Everson says:

    Hello Peter, Could you please tell me.. Have you written any books about the Jinn and Hieros Gamos?.. if so could you please give me the titles as I am very interested in reading you books on this subject..

  26. hactic says:

    Hi once again, Mr. Moon. I just finished reading the Music of Time book and had to ask you about a book that you and Preston Nichols mentioned – The Time Travel Primer. So what happened. Was the idea dropped?

    Thanks and regards.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Yes – that idea was dropped. There just wasn’t enough information. The first concept of understanding time I would recommend is studying the Invariance of the Space-Time Interval as is patiently explained in Transylvanian Moonrise.

  27. nm62959 says:

    I have a question about the Kecksburg UFO that crashed in 1965. Do you believe it was the Nazi Glocke which supposedly was a time machine? Also, what do you make of Hitler’s nephews who reside or resided on Long Island somewhere out on the East end? Are they or were they in any way involved in the time travel research that was going on at Montauk?

    • Peter Moon says:

      I have no idea about the UFO. It is still “unidentified” to me. Hitler’s nephew, Willie Hitler, had his own blood analysis lab and he would answer the phone “Brookhaven Labs” which is was affiliated with as well as Cold Spring Harbor Labs. The family resided in Cold Spring Harbor at one point, meaning his children. They all changed their names for obvious reasons. There is no indication that I have ever heard that they were involved in time travel, but there is very little information on them. I heard they were landscapers in a news article.

  28. Dumperdave says:

    Hi Peter

    Having just read the trilogy of Transylvanian Sunrise and then the Moonrise and the Eygpt Mystery, I have a question to put to you.

    I enjoy You tube and I have noticed that there where discoveries in Bosnia around the year 2000-2003 of huge pyramids far larger than the egyptian ones, and I wonder if they in any way tie in with the Romanian Sphinx and hall of records and to be honest I was suprised that you hadn’t mentioned these in these latest books.
    It also seems that the information about these pyramids seems to dry up around 2003/4, suprise suprise!

    • Peter Moon says:

      Have you noticed how the masses have FLOCKED to the Bosnian Pyramids? Have you noticed how the Romanian Sphinx and my work is virtually nil in comparison? My friend, David Hatcher Childress, went to a conference and visited the Bosnian Pyramids. I declined an invitation the previous year, mostly due to time considerations but I was not particularly interested. David, who is a world renown researcher, said it is not a pyramid. David has been investigating and writing about sacred sites for most of his adult life and is very open minded. He did say, however, that the surrounding phenomena was genuine and significant. He said that the local government funded the dig of the pyramid to attract tourists. I have no personal position on this whatsoever as I haven’t had the time to investigate it either. Even if it is a pyramid, however, and it is not too far away as the crow flies from the Romanian Sphinx, it completely pales in comparison to the technology in the Bucegi Mountains. It pales even more in comparison to what has been found in Transylvania and is discussed in book four, “The Secret Parchment” which is due in February. As an aside, I have also never had any inkling to visit the Egyptian pyramids. For me, it is far more important to discover and examine the function behind such. The study of higher function is what has brought me to Romania. Function is far more interesting than structure as it monitors structure. That is not to say that Bosnia is insignificant or should not be studied; but for me it is second or third fiddle as are the new discoveries in Turkey. They all emanated out of Bulgaria and Romania and these countries are deliberately obscured with regard to their historical significance.

  29. zerva says:

    Peter Moon, can you tell please your email, or skype -how i can contact you and ask something?

  30. carabez says:

    Hullo Peter,
    Superb work you are doing on all fronts and your books are extraordinary portals into a whole new range of knowledge that everyone needs to read. Only one query.In Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal it opens with a curse! Is this meant to put people off reading or enquirying and is it meant to be effective if you proceed?

    It is the only book I have ever come across where this is the case.

    Finally, what do you think of the work of Mr Sitchin and his Sumerian studies?


    • Peter Moon says:

      Thank you. I have been neglectful of this blog but appreciate your comments. There are several items I could/would/should discuss on this blog. Most of my time recently has been on the recently finished newsletter, Winter ’14 edition of The Montauk Pulse, and the current book I am working on “The White Bat – The Alchemy of Writing”.

  31. gina says:

    Curious about this myself “In Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal it opens with a curse! Is this meant to put people off reading or enquirying and is it meant to be effective if you proceed?” Can you reply to the question above?

    Looking forward to White Bat.
    Many blessings and thanks to you

    • Peter Moon says:

      The answer is in the passage itself: “Tread lightly man, for this is a perilous journey and the most important one you will ever make. Study the word. For those who turn their back, I commend you to your future nightmares, for this was a spell cast long ago and it cannot be undone.” The spell or curse is not induced by the book. The book is making one cognizant of a curse that was implemented long long ago. See the etymology of the word curse:

      “curse (n.)
      late Old English curs “a prayer that evil or harm befall one,” of uncertain origin, perhaps from Old French curuz “anger,” or Latin cursus “course.” Connection with cross is unlikely. No similar word exists in Germanic, Romance, or Celtic. Curses as a histrionic exclamation is from 1885. The curse “menstruation” is from 1930. Curse of Scotland, the 9 of diamonds in cards, is attested from 1791, but the origin is obscure.”

      “If you open up your heart, you’ll know what I mean….” “….the Lord is awaiting for you all to awaken and see…..By chanting the names of the Lord and you’ll be free.” quotes from George Harrison

  32. Brian Kemple says:

    Hello, Peter, I wanted to report something that you may find interesting, although I doubt I am the first one to do so. By way of background, like you, I have been practicing Chi Kung for many years and engage in “energy work” on a daily basis. One thing that came to light at sessions where I was learning various Chi Kung techniques was that if someone was present for whom this was new and unfamiliar, they would be overcome by the energy and usually go to sleep on the spot. I have found that that is often the reaction we have to energy that is stronger than what we are used to.

    I am writing to report that I have noticed that when I have been reading your “Transylvania” books, particularly the one on the first encounter with Machandi and the one on the tunnel to Egypt, which I am reading now, I have experienced at least twice the same effect. I have been overcome and have to lie down for a time. I can only conclude that these books are conveying energy as we read them.

    Perhaps information is downloaded or a very high vibration of awareness is being conveyed. Thus far I have not been able to discern anything from this consciously, but these books seem to create this effect, and I cannot say I have ever experienced this before just from reading a book.

    Thank you very much for all your wonderful work.
    All the Best,
    Brian Kemple

    • Peter Moon says:

      There is a high concentration of energy and a rather intense frequency of communication in all the books that I have written and/or co-authored. It can be an overload for some people. Some fans of my work have even told me that when they read my books, they are thinking about it for many days afterwards and they have to stop reading just to get back to their ordinary duties, etc. It is the same with Chi Gong. Many, if not most, people will either nod when you tell them about it (as if they already know what you’re talking about when they do not) or just reject it. If I told them about a new conspiracy theory, they wouldn’t nod like that. It is an amazing phenomena but it is sinister to themselves as they are rejecting what you are saying by agreeing with it as if they already know. One woman told me that I could make a book out of each chapter of “The Montauk Project”; then it would be consumable. Well… should not conform or stoop THAT far. Let the television writers take care of that. Most people are used to a very shallow knowledge and live shallow lives. For some, that is all that they are capable of. For those who want to dig deeper, I hope my books will help them. Thank you for sharing your experience, Brian. I could also show you some Chi Gong exercise to help distribute chi throughout the body. Where will you go for World Tai Chi and Chi Gong Day on April 26?

  33. Brian Kemple says:

    Hello, Peter,

    Thank you very much for your reply. My experience tells me that we can learn to assimilate new energies — ones that we accept — and then we can tune into them. I will tell you that another effect that I have experienced today from the energy that I felt from reading about the tunnel to Egypt is a deep sense of familiarity and connectedness with that energy. At this point I cannot really say what that means. But I definitely feel that.

    My ultimate goal is to rid myself of negativity and raise my own vibration. It is easy to get sidetracked by the drama of world events, even when viewing them from a spiritual point of view, but I always come back to the realization that what really matters for me is to work on myself — that is the best way to help others and the world. And I have been seeking to “fully incarnate” myself in this life, something Inelia Benz talks about. As a part of that process I have connected with various aspects of my soul –which appear to be in different “places” or dimensions simultaneously, and that is where I first encountered that same energy, in connection with one particular place/vibration to which I appear to be closely related. Only the energy that arose when I was reading about the Occult Room was stronger still.

    I don’t have any definite knowledge about this — I am just operating on my intuition and trying to filter out ego-related stuff.

    I would be happy to learn a new Chi Kung exercise. As it happens, I am currently living and working in Kosovo, and I don’t expect to attend any Chi Kng-related events. That is a wonderful thing about Chi Kung or any internal practice –you can take it with you anywhere.

    All the Best,

    • Peter Moon says:

      Interesting what you mention. Magick is said to be a process of recognizing the unfamiliar and making it familiar. That would also apply to life. When have an experience like that, it triggers some old familiarity that is so scarce that it has become unfamiliar. You are right about the self. Many people are obsessed with the world situation, particularly those who can do nothing too significant about it. They can, however, work on themselves. That would seem to be the main message. With regard to Kosovo, I suggest you listen to Douglas Dietrich’s youTube talk on Tito’s secret space program. I think this is the one: It is troward the last third. It’s good to listen to a lecture like this at least twice.

  34. Brian Kemple says:

    Great, Peter, thank you for the link. Douglas Dietrich is always interesting.
    I hope we can stay in touch.

    All the Best,


  35. koyasha says:

    Huge fan.
    Thank you.

  36. maggie says:

    I just discovered more about you via the interview with Sean Stone on Buzzsaw. I have been following the story on the Bucegi mystery.

    Your description here of what we call Jinn is almost exactly what I have been “knowing”. The Islamic interpretation and recent works like Rosemary Guiley’s will IMO (using your metaphor) be assuring the believer remains short of appropriate fare at the toll booth. The ongoing issue of human projective identification is pretty pervasive IMO.

    Altogether I appreciate your perspective on consciousness and would love to hear more interviews that focus on this subject.

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  38. Ivinheim says:

    Dear Mr Moon

    I am unable to understand how to post an article. As you can see from my profile I have some knowledge of German U-boat movements which may resolve a number of matters raised in your book “The Black Sun”.

    My first article provides full details on the U-boat which delivered the valuables to Montauk in shell casings. My next three articles concern the horror voyage of U-530 which began off Long Island and will be of the greatest interest to you – but no Hitler.

    These articles will never be published if I cannot find the means to post them other than as replies. Perhaps that is the solution?


    • Peter Moon says:

      If you want to post an article on this blog, please send it to me and then I can post it, provided I deem it a good idea. From what I have read thus far, it sounds as if you have something to contribute and as I said, I will be happy to look at it. You can also email me at

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  40. JBest1981 says:

    Hi Peter. My name is Jason Best. I would like to discuss Montauk with you sometime. I feel that there is something I have inside my consciousness that can be of some assistance. Especially for me.

  41. globalwriter says:

    Hi Peter, just listened to your revelations on Romania related to Bucegi descovery on you tube – and found it very informative and interesting. Congratulations for such an outstanding discovery and thanks too. Firstly, I would like to say that there are plenty of things happening here with me that I would like to share with you since I find you the right individual who is capable of interpreting phenomenas precisely probably because you have adequate knowledge, information, experience, and perspective. I would be glad to share my knowledge, information, and experiences on various phenomenon of life that would literally enhance our knowledge on some of the most unusual visible and invisible phenomenon that surround our life and existence as humans.

    Please check my recently published blog- EX-WORLDS.BLOGSPOT.COM and kindly convey your ideas, information, and experience on information discussed and shared on my blog on my email . I also request readers of my blog to comment and share their valuable views on my email.

    You would be amazed to know that my beliefs on the origins and evolutions of humankind, the universe, aliens, and our civilization matches with information shared via various reliable secondary sources. I do not know why but I simply tend to disagree with the so called theories, assumptions, and imaginary phenomenon of human minds that never happened or existed on earth. Right form the beginning I strongly believed on the existence of diverse alien species that are extremely advanced, visiting earth since a long time, and are capable of ruling the world through profound phenomenon.

    Since quality intelligence is a scarce phenomenon on earth, I still have strong belief that a few similar minds can definitely unlock the greatest mysteries of all times.

    Thank you,

  42. hactic says:

    Hi Peter, its been a while, I check this website randomly. But the fascination doesn’t go away.

  43. Korina says:

    Hello Peter,
    I am a medical and holistic doctor from Greece and I NEED to be able to talk with you.
    Reading further my message, Im sure you will understand why.
    I had no idea about the Bugeci mountains till few days ago.
    I wrote a fantasy & scifi book recently and I have sent it to a friend who lives in America to try and translate it.
    After he has read the book he contacted me saying “You must watch this video! Your book came true!”
    I checked the video, and was a Greek video about the Bugeci mountains.
    I was shocked!
    EVERYTHING…but EVERYTHING that exists in my book at the section of Hollow earth…(I mean at the piece where my heroes go to Hollow Earth)…everything is exactly the way the video describes what is found on the Bucegi Mountains!
    EVERYTHING Peter…can you imagine this?
    I even have inside the book the 2 rooms where the heroes can see in holograms the history of the Universe and of the Earth.
    Small squares in front of the doors make the doors open (in my book(!) But also I saw in the video that these squares also exist!)
    As you can realise one part of me is shocked.
    Well there is another part of me though, which finds this absolutely normal…because this book has the title “The book that writes itself”…
    The tile is made like this, bc the book is channeled!
    I think we have many things to talk about…dont you think?
    I give you my email so you can contact me and I tried ot send an email to this website as well…
    Hopefully, we will get to talk

    Thank you very much in advance, and congratulations for your work!


  44. ritahayworth says:

    Hello Mr. Moon~
    I will be making a trip up to Montauk soon, and was hoping I could contact you regarding a small project I’m doing. Myself and one other will be making a small (quite small, independent) documentary regarding the sort of phenomena you are familiar with. I would love to be able to speak with you, however briefly, and ask you a few questions about your thoughts and experiences regarding The Montauk Project/Camp Hero. I will try to contact you via the e-mail provided–I would be thrilled to hear from you, feel free to e-mail me as well. Thanks very much.

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