Sky Books is a publishing company that rose to prominence in 1992 by publishing The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, a book which literally changed the modern consensus of scientific thinking with regard to the subject of time.  The Montauk Project itself contains elements that are both factual and apocryphal. The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time was written by Preston B. Nichols who was assisted by Peter Moon.  The initial book is a summary of Preston’s accumulated knowledge and research based upon his experiences from working at a secret installation at the Montauk Air Force Station located at Montauk Point, New York.  Peter Moon’s attempt to verify Preston’s original story resulted in a plethora of other books which are primarily the result of his unprecedented experiences of synchronicity which occurred when he attempted to verify different aspects of Preston’s research.  Recent books have discussed Peter’s affiliation with Dr. David Anderson of the Anderson Institute (formerly the Time Travel Research Center that was once located on Long Island) who funded Peter’s first trip to Romania in 2008.  Peter has been involved in Romanian adventures the last several years where he has researched the issues discussed by Romanian author Radu Cinamar in Transylvanian Sunrise, Transyvlanian Moonrise, and Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel. and The Secret Parchment. His latest work is entitled The White Bat – The Alchemy of Writing. These books are available in ebook format on Kindle, Nook, and iTunes; and they can be purchased in hard copy format at http://www.skybooksusa.com