Mathematics of Time

The following is a copy of the Montauk Pulse newsletter demonstrating how the laws of physics and mathematics validate the theory and feasibility of time travel. It is based upon the work of Dr. David Anderson, and he has approved it. You can read more about this on his website at, but you should find the following fairly easy to understand. As development of time technology is accelerating at a rapid rate in the secret sector, it is important that the public be informed broadly and as soon as possible. Click on the following:
Summer ’15 Special Academic Edition (of the Montauk Pulse)

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  1. hactic says:

    After listening several times to PC#8, I googled for Dr. Anderson and came across his C2C show with Art Bell. Surprisingly, in that he discusses more about his work. Particularly interesting was the TTD, other dedicated research centers other than India, and also his losses due his time project. In his talks it figures he’s been through his beta stages to know better today. It was fascinating. This is more real than once thought. Thank you for introducing this new segment. It has been enlightening. Looking forward to more of these maybe if there’s any talk on TTD.

    • Peter Moon says:

      As I said in Podcast #7, I advised people to get up-to-date; not only by listening to Podcast #7 but to familiarize oneself with his various youTubes from the past, including the excellent interview done on Coast to Coast. An easily overlooked aspect of the TTD and the Time Reactor itself is that they are both monitoring and connected to or dependent upon the overall “frame drag” of the Earth itself. He does not say this “exactly” in so many words but it is clear that he does convey this. Of equal or more interest is that Romania (Cioclovina Cave specifically) was a repository of a significant and rather unprecedented discharge of space-time motive force. What did not get into the podcast (as we talked about this privately when he first brought it up and was hesitant if he should talk about it) was a “dilectric effect” in the sediment. While he stated that this probably occurred 200 or 2000 years ago, a dilectric effect refers to a capacity to store energy, in this case space-time motive force. In other words, this area has enough energy in to curve space-time. Keep in mind that this area is in “the Valley of the Golden Thrones” discussed in “The Secret Parchment” which also featured a gateway to another universe. In my next newsletter, I will be discussing parallel universes, an area that David has not encountered but I was forced to confront right after on a journey to visit Preston Nichols. I do mention it in Podcast #9 which is completed but not edited yet. You are invited to subscribe to the Pulse if you have not already done so.

  2. hactic says:

    So if I got this right then the TTD monitors the natural frame drag effect of earth any any “spikes” in it would mean time travel progression? As for the dilectric, its the basic concept of a capacitor used in electronics, so yes it does store electrical energy. If in that particular area there is such then does it mean that it’s a naturally spacetime bending utility that might be triggered naturally randomly? Looking forward to PC9.

    • Peter Moon says:

      I am not the expert here but your comment about spikes is a reasonable assumption. I do not know how much of this can become public because you can imagine the immense surveillance potential that exists here for scrutinizing any sort of time technology. With regard to your second question of the dielectric repository in Cioclovina Cave possibly being a natural space-time bending utility, my understanding is YES! Random, however, is another proposition. Radu’s books tell us that there are other scrutinizers beyond David Anderson and that there is also meant to be a major focus on the country of Romania (predicted by Arseni Boca in “Mystery of Egypt” and also mentioned in “Transylvanian Sunrise”). It is not an accident that this repository exists. You will, however, notice that synchronicity is at play. I am referring to my chance journey to that area last year during the August biorhythm. All of this means is that we are moving in the direction of consciousness playing a role in the time line or perhaps I should say an advanced role. It has already played a role but a rather diminished one. I am alluding to an upgrade in the human/brain interface software. At the same time, I see so much folly in the world of humans, particularly those who are “in the know” whether it be in conspiracy or in the tech revolution as well as science, that one is invited to become skeptical in the extreme. We can always look to the stars.

  3. MrZeta says:


    I found this site looking for Preston Nichols; I have his phone number but havnt called; I was wondering if has an email; I have some catching up to do here. I heard the stories, listened to a Coast interview just recently and found major interviews on youtube.

    I understand Preston’s equipment and how it can relate to being an Astral amplifier, or catalyst to get one into an astral state; rather shockingly most likely.

    There are many skeptics and debunkers of certain Montauk people; as an engineer and ‘ham’, I met one Erland Babcock and am pursuing his inter-dimensional-electronics work (see his writeup on

    Altho Preston’s lab is basic and some radionics are most likely based of of it’s ideologies (freqs, vibrations, hemi-syncs etc), there are dangers using artificial means of creating lucidity; namely siezures.

    I have issues at home and havnt been as busy as I would like, and some of my projects probly inadvertantly involve the space-time continuum; ie inter-dimensionalty; chaos and fractional dimensions are cases in point, and form a base for my studies.

    I can confirm from my own Astral travels that vibrations are very prevalent at certain times and Preston’s sound bed is quite awesome; I would love to try that setup, but not use music, rather Astral tones and resonances, as well as bio-feedback tuned into the system; the ideas…!


    • Peter Moon says:

      This is about as close as you’ll come to Preston on the web. He is retired and does not use email. He has had major health issues and while he still researches with his rather complex sound system (I cannot disagree with your assessments), his main priority has been his health. I saw him in June and he had never been thinner since I’ve known him. Despite these issues, I think he’ll be with us for a long time. You can call him but he does not always answer the phone. Sometimes he does.

  4. MrZeta says:


    I havnt had a chance to call Preston yet. I have listened to Andrew Bartzis videos to get his story; he is an interesting fellow. My Astral connections can be verified as I have discovered what I believe are many of my other selves ‘out there’ and I am supposed to get them altogether ! I never thought that Time Travel could also be possible in the Astral.

    I also read about your trip to Romania and that cave; I suspect the cave could have been made by the Germans during Hitler; it could be heavily radiated ! Radiation could be a bad by-product of Earthly Time Travel as well !

    Any chance I could get an invite to the Google+ webinar? My handle is Mistah Zeta. I have an Alternate Sciences page on Google. My website tells about what my projects are.

    Thank you !

    Mr Zeta

    • Peter Moon says:

      Sorry it has taken so long to answer you. There is no way anyone other than nature made the cave you refer to. It is nature pure and simple although, as per David, it experienced the discharge from a “time reactor” either 200 or 2000 years ago. You are welcome to post your website on this blog if you like. Here is the link to the Time Travel Webinar which you can still sign up for and listen to.

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