The Ultimate Secret Society

My experiences with Preston Nichols and learning about the Montauk Project led me to the prospect (many others having chimed in on this point) that Montauk was the ultimate conspiracy theory. My own investigations led to experiences in synchronicity that surrounded occult characters such as Aleister Crowley who was, amongst other attributes, a cosmic joker. One of the more interestings threads to emerge with regard to this prospect of Montauk as the ultimate conspiracy, led to the legacy of his magical heir, Karl Germer, who settled and passed away in West Point, California. This legacy is so pervasive in our society at the present moment, that we can readily see that the entire cultural schematic is being run as a big cosmic joke. Accordingly, I devoted the masthead of Volume IV of the Montauk Pulse (quarterly newsletters) to this secret society: Winter ’11 all pages

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