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  1. Hi,
    I would like to order 2 books from but I live in South Africa and
    you require a state/province and you only have american states in the list so
    for me it is not possible to order this books because of that. I am really interested
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  2. Benon says:

    Grade A stuff. I’m uqnuetsionably in your debt.

  3. Hi. Just want to give a brief note and tell you that in fact I’ve really liked scanning your web page and am recommending it to my buddies. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much.

  4. superman5 says:

    Hi Peter,
    Who was the guy that Jesus approached and told him that he needed to go back? Did Cesar ever expanded on that? Also do you have more info on the reptilians giants war? I thought reptilians could not co-exists in a high energy world? Probably the giants lowered their frequencies! I had an OBE right after my understanding of the world and ever since it’s been fantastic! Write me back! Francesco

    • Peter Moon says:

      Dear Francesco,
      Nothing was specified beyond what you have asked. The only thing I can say is that it was relayed to me that Cezar took notice of the book Montauk Revisited because it featured a similar incident to what he experienced in the Occult Chamber beneath Giza. That was Stewart Swerdlow’s account of going back to the time of Christ with the mission to kill Him. The description Cezar gives, however, does not match Stewart, unless Stewart’s hair was bleached blonde. It is possible.

  5. Steve says:

    That’s an interesting picture: The Blue Mustang at Denver International Airport, Colorado.

  6. Chester Hunter says:

    Hi, I have studied hundreds of resources carefully over the last 10 years, there is no one with such an organized mind that possesses the ability to articulate through the written word and that has such an overall in depth knowledge of all the relevant sub branches of all things “alternative” and all things “esoteric” than you do, Peter.

    No one even close.

    What blows my mind is how you stay so low on the radar of the public, but alas… if you did get more on that radar, you may have to deal with distractions which would slow you down and/or compromise your journey and role as a master of information dissemination.

    • Peter Moon says:

      I am not really off the radar. People use my work and imitate it all the time. I have been serving as a muse for the culture for over twenty years now. I just wish there were better and more intelligent artists who would be more inspired to do their own original work as opposed to producing knock-offs.

  7. Joerockhill says:

    Do you give lectures in the NY/ LI area I would really enjoy attending.

  8. hactic says:

    Hi Peter, I was going through an excerpt from the Montauk Project book where Preston Nichols states the time he went to acquire the old FRR-24 radio from Dr. Rinehart. He mentioned that even Rinehart (Von Neumann) was memory erased and was fading in and out of it.

    I have been wondering, if Dr. Von Neumann was at the very top of the technical chain, who else or how else would whoever have gone about memory erasing him? Because you would require technical oriented people to do this? Unless there was another ET race present at the site who may have had control over it.

    What do you say?

    (Also is there any new info come out regarding Montauk?)

    Thanks and regards.

    • Peter Moon says:

      I write a newsletter once a quarter and update people. The progenitors of the Montauk Project remain hidden. The Montauk investigation has expanded, initially delineated in the subsequent books, and is now focused on Transylvania which came to light through my association with Dr. David Anderson.

      • hactic says:

        Expanded? Are you implying that the Montauk Project somewhat continues on to the Romanian scene or do you mean you are concentrating your efforts more on the latter because there isn’t much new coming forth now regarding M.P?

        Recently, I read about the Ongs Hat and thought to myself that there’s far more to M.P that was off loaded into the books. Is it so?


        • Peter Moon says:

          There is no question that the Montauk Project embraced far more than was in the book. It expanded and morphed into the HAARP Project and assortment of others. Keeping track of it is like keeping track of all the activities of the Antichrist. More than a full time job for thousands. It is important that one see the mechanism at play. It is not so important to chronicle every last detail. There are aspects of Montauk that tie to Romania but not necessarily in the same way as you suggest. It is far wiser and more profitable (not talking about commercialization here) to understand the underlying mechanisms, functions and principles.

          • hactic says:

            This totally blows my mind. And I don’t usually say this. This may have me wondering for days. Your comment is profound, truly.

            Is there any info (in regards to MP specifically) that you might release in form of a new book, article or some other?

            Regards and thanks very much for your comments.

          • Peter Moon says:

            If you read all the books I have written, you might understand that the Montauk Project was an aborted attempted at total control. While the infrastructure and sub-levels regrouped and morphed into other aspects, these are all “Montauk Off Ramps” which lead away from the core issues. It is like expecting the Council of Nicea to resurface. There might be more backwash to surface in the future or even be encountered, but there is nothing in the hopper in that regard. This August is a major biorhythm and one was one where Montauk psychics originally said we would not get through….the August 12th of 2013. We will, of course, but I have been called to Transylvania where major core events will occur on that date. What will happen with me and the group I take? I don’t know. If you read the new book “The Secret Parchment”, you’ll understand this better.

  9. zerva says:

    Peter Moon, can you tell please your email, or skype -how i can contact you and ask something?

  10. zerva says:

    please somebody write any contacts of any people who take part in Montauk project.

    I am searching three days and not find anything

  11. zerva says:

    petermoon333 on Skype
    I write you on skype -my skype kalzerva.
    did you get my message?

  12. zerva says:

    I write you today one more message
    check please

  13. zerva says:

    or write your email-that is better

  14. hactic says:

    Hi Peter, I saw the awake and aware video clip of Preston Nichols, telling what he would be speaking about. He mentioned that he is in touch with an AI that governs the hologtaphic system we’re in via his specialized audio equipment.

    Do you have any details on this? Thanks.

  15. hactic says:

    Well, as much as I have researched over the years, an alternate theory for the governing and making of the universe cannot be “simply” attributed to the matrix movie type Ai running the show. Though that is probably a great theory to learn much from and some of us having felt that ultimately something doesn’t “feel” right. I’m serious.

    I’d like to here more of your side of the story, why do you say that it has to run on/by AI?

    • Peter Moon says:

      Common sense. Virtual AI. Reread what I said about examining Divine Intelligence. It is an avenue for exploration. Not mine right now though.

      • hactic says:

        Looking up divine intelligence gives pretty generic statements off the net. I have somewhat explored in before but could never find any thing linking it to AI.

        If there’s any specific link or book or article or other that I’ve missed and you’d like to point me to, please do so. I’d much appreciate. Thanks. 🙂

  16. hactic says:

    This is one theory or assertion that is anything but common. To believe in it could change one’s life in unimaginable ways. True but, certain things have to be experienced rather than read. Thanks.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Technology mimics the Tree of Life. When it does so, life will actually begin to mimic the technology that is mimicking the Tree of Life. The is a barbershop mirror effect which is called Technology mimics the Tree of Life. When it does so, life will actually begin to mimic the technology that is mimicking the Tree of Life. The is a barbershop mirror effect which is called mis en abyme and I am writing about that aspect of life in the new book “The White Bat”.

  17. hactic says:

    Hi Peter, how have you been? Recently I saw an all new documentary on the TWA flight 800 crash over L.I. The documentary throughout provides credible witness testimony focusing on that the FBI and NTSB, CIA covered and manipulated the evidence of it’s downing and that there were 2 missiles as seen by eye witnesses coming from under/surface of the sea towards the plane.

    Is there any connection between this crash and the Moriches Bay UFO crash as told in the Encounter with Pleiades book?

    Thanks and regards.

  18. tim says:

    I’m new to this site and have just finnished reading Transylvanian Moonrise. Looking forward to the other books in the series by Radu Cinama. Thanks for being here and look forward to learning more about The Montauk info. I have some catching up to do. Better late than never.

    All the best,


    • Peter Moon says:

      Thank you and thank you for noting your spelling error. Next book in the series is Mystery of Egypt (after Moonrise); the Secret Parchment; and now I’m working on #5: “The White Bat – The Alchemy of Writing” which tells of my own interactions with these amazing stories and what comes after. I visit Machandi’s Cave this year…..

  19. leah_vicar says:

    Mr. Moon,
    I know this question may be totally out of left field, and I, admittedly, have just started to discover your works, interviews, etc…however…what in the world ever happened to man you were interviewed with, named Duncan Cameron?

    I have found some information on Preston, although it is mostly through your own and his publications that I’ve gleaned any information. Yet, I cannot find one scrap of information about Duncan Cameron, except for excerpts of the film in which all three of you were interviewed together in. Its like he is a ghost? Literally, not one thing…

    Do you have any knowledge as to what became of him after documentary?

    Thank you so much

    • Peter Moon says:

      Duncan tries to live a private life and he still lives on Long Island. I saw him last one and a half years ago. He has recently spoken at the Meta Center in New York City at event hosted by Alan Steinfeld of New Realities.

  20. hactic says:

    Hi Peter, what is your take on the Montauk Chronicles docudrama by Christopher Garetano?

    • Peter Moon says:

      I wrote a review on it because I happened to be at the premier as a result of synchronicity. I will tell you what two of my Bulgarian friends said about it as they were with me at the time. “This is shit!”
      It hardly mentioned time travel at all. Capable cinematography but really poor. No time travel? What he did was actionable legally as he used the cover of the Montauk Project book despite warnings, but it was so bad and such a commercial failure that there was no point in going after him. He is a maker of horror films and he couldn’t get out of that paradigm, but the film was just BAD and very lame.

  21. lenartand says:

    Hello Peter, I have just read the latest issue of the montauk pulse and it was interesting and entertaining as always. I have also read some websites that says martial arts are demonic and very unhealthy, is that true?
    Best wishes

    • Peter Moon says:

      It depends on who is teaching the martial arts. Some teachers are possessed, there is no doubt. It themselves, they are an A-R-T. Is painting demonic? It can be. Whoever said that is unfamiliar with Taoist Chi Gong as taught in our system…for sure…… Sorry for the delay in reply. I just saw it.

  22. penguinantics says:

    Peter, is today 12th August 2014 also another Earth bio-rythm?

  23. Perceval says:

    Hello Peter, I would like to know the context of the Montauk Project to the present time and to other projects:

    Is the Montauk Project still going on somehow or somewhere else, by means of mind control and time travel? Is there a possible connection to the MK Ultra mind control project of the CIA (50’s to 70’s) and to the Pegasus Project (Time travel, Andrew D. Basagio, see

    Thanks for your answer.

    • Peter Moon says:

      The Montauk Project was a conglomeration of different disciplines which included the Phoenix Project (Special Ops Satanic work in Vietnam/Korea); Nazi experiments a la Josef Mengele; MK-ULTRA. There are more as well, but these will serve. Montauk has morphed into many other avenues as well, the most notable of which is HAARP. There are also the discoveries in the Transylvania Series concerning the Bucegi Mountains in Romania which you should read up on if interested. See

  24. hactic says:

    Hi Peter, were there any further accounts or visitations with Dr. Rhinehart? He may be now deceased I understand but this is one most interesting and noteworthy aspect of MP. Thank you.

  25. BarbaraKWolski says:

    Peter, I am watching the The parallel worlds of the 3rd Reich Part 1. Is the Rudof Hess following parts of the movie? I cannot see Par 2 and 3 anywhere. I did not see Play All button as well. 🙂
    Thank you in advance.

    • Peter Moon says:

      You have to just let it roll and then Part 3 will come on (out of sequence) and then Part 2. You can play around and watch it in order if you want to.
      The Play All button DOES work on my computer. You should be able to watch all 3, albeit in a cumbersome fashion as they are out of order.

      I am sorry that this has all been so awkward. WordPress can be very awkward, especially when posting multiple media into one post. I will get around to making this easier. Let me know if you can play it (once again, Part One will go to the next video, etc. but out of order)

  26. Professor David Ford El 720 says:

    Mr. Peter Moon I am of the Ford Family. I have information concerning David Ford El better known as the elusive Master Fard Muhammad. I found a connections between the Ong’s Hat New Jersey, Ben Ishmael Tribe. Southern Illinois, Moorish Paradigm…The Origins of The Ford name and Fard himself. It all started when I became a neophyte in this occult chapter of First Born Moslems which has its roots in Allah’s Temple of Islam started by Master Fard. It was later changed to the Nation of Islam. This has your name all over it brother. Contact me at Ab-nubian@hotmail. com…Possible connections includes Neo Nazism, Vril energy, and Scientology. It is based on your concept of Sync-Chronos. Please respond I need to pass this on to the right person…YOU!!!

  27. lon1079 says:

    Dear employer and/or Anderson institute employer,

    Good evening. My name is London Stanley. How your doing ? I am a 4th semester of graduate student at stony brook university. I would like to become an experimental scientist in time travel technology. I would like to research time travel technology such as using time warp or anything else. This past summer, I cannot reach neither Dr. Anderson, Anderson Institute nor one else associated with time travel technology research, so I need assistance in the job training area of time travel. As a result, I need any network connections and / or resources to experiment with time travel technology to get a job as an time travel researcher? Look at some example links I studied. I studied time travel physics since I was graduating from community college. Please respond as soon as you can. Thank you very much for your time.

    London Stanley

    • Peter Moon says:

      Your request has been forwarded. I cannot guarantee you will receive a response.

      • lon1079 says:

        God bless you, Peter Moon. Thank you very much, Peter Moon. They should respond back to me by email at Thanks, again.

      • lon1079 says:

        How I get a secret job like time travel technology, please? I would love to be an experiment in time travel technology. It would be an fantastic blessing for me to time travel. I was ridiculed on some researchers about secret jobs. I need miracles in time travel now. I had been alone in doing time travel. However, hopeful miracles will happen for me in time travel. My university was not interested in me. Hopeful, there is someone out there for me to time travel.

        • lon1079 says:

          Thank you, Peter Moon. God bless you.


          London Stanley

        • Peter Moon says:

          Most people who have a strong desire to time travel are not qualified for such and this has to do with emotions. If one cannot stand being in this time, one is impatient, and one needs to learn patience. In such matters, “they call upon you – you do not call upon them.”

          • lon1079 says:

            All I can do is hope a miracle happens for me in time travel.

          • lon1079 says:

            All I can do is hope a miracle happens for me in time travel. Miracles are good things that no one expects from a person. I need time travel miracles right now.

          • lon1079 says:

            Good morning. How your doing? I got dark troubles against me. Also, I had not the support I need, I got ridiculed by other researchers on my research goal but I kept it going. Again, miracles do happen even in time warp there is the right someone out there for someone else. All I been doing is holding on basically I can hope.

          • Peter Moon says:

            I saw posted on a church billboard today: “You are waiting for God. He is waiting for you.”

          • lon1079 says:

            Thanks for the tip. “I do not call upon me, they call upon me”.

          • lon1079 says:

            Please, Mr. Peter Moon, I really had been hoping on miracles in time travel to come to me. Because I am the underdog, I got the world that is against me and I had been put as nothing important. Seriously, I will make any sacrifices to work as a time traveler that helps out.

  28. lon1079 says:

    Please respond as soon as you can. God will support me in the spacetime lab to be a time traveler.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Don’t sound so desperate. It makes you vulnerable and there are those who will take advantage of your dream/desire. It has to be cultivated within; and, when you do not comment, it will be recognized when you have cultivated that quality or qualities necessary to get what you want. SILENCE is one of the powers of the Sphinx.

  29. lon1079 says:

    When there is a will, there is a way. Correct, they call upon me.

  30. lon1079 says:

    Thanks for the tip on silence and cultivation, Peter Moon. I will be patient and hopeful so which miracles happen.

  31. Andy says:

    Now I consider the influence of number ‘3’ on humans’ subconscious.
    Dominant of 3 since the most important: 666 or 777 is 3-numbers; a date consists of year-month-day the 3 numbers. Not mentioning Trinity in global cultures.

    For me , odd is ‘compromise’ comparing to even. 3D worlds like ours be the bridge of 2 or multiple ‘perfect’ worlds. the civilizations like our own play the role of supporting ‘their’ different ‘main worlds’, helping them compromising their ‘perfect’ ideologies in policies, and even including sacrificing our own fortune.

    Odd is a interesting number that it always connect evens, and wish itself be even(satisfied) by times two.

    • Peter Moon says:

      Sorry for the delay. I have not been able to access my “comments” section on the blog. Hopefully, this has been remedied permanently.

      • Andy says:

        Thanks for replying.

        How about your new book?
        At Spandau mystery you mentioned you may write more about Little People. Did you mean dwarfs, or “Little People” in Haruki Murakami’s ?
        Recently you also said will be reprint. How about the process?

        • Peter Moon says:

          Do not understand your last question. New book is delayed due to morphogenesis taking place at Sky Books. I am working on new videos (have completed 5) that will explain math/physics of time travel in an even easier way than the Summer newsletter. The new book plus some others will be released chapter by chapter on a new web portal which is still being worked out. I will also be doing webinars. First one is scheduled for January 3rd. I will post more soon.
          With regard to little people, I was referring to little people in general. Nothing forthcoming on that; but I did meet a little person in Romania. He had been with me the previous year but I did not notice him.

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